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August 15, 2019, through .....

​​​​​    From:  Jim White
     Date:  July 6, 2019
Subject:  Event at the NJVVWF

I am forwarding your message to the AFVN Yahoo Group.  Hopefully, someone will come through.  If you want to contact someone by name, go to the "Where are We Today?" PDF files (from the AFVN Roster).  Select someone and write the with their name at the top of the message.
You didn't give a date for your event--hope that it wasn't the 4th of July.
If there is anything else I can do, let me know at
Jim W

​​​​​    From:  Steve Ashley 
     Date:  November 3, 2018 
Subject:   Bio 
Not sure who does the bios but I have some corrections to mine.  I joined the Army in 1971.  I did serve in Germany but not with AFRTS.  I remained on duty until 1986.  Mount Desert Island is connected to the mainland by a bridge and a causeway not three bridges.  If this could be corrected I would appreciate it.


Corrections have been made.   Jim W

​​​​​    From:  Brian Wickham
     Date:  December 29, 2018
Subject:  Joining Roster

​There was a William E. Blumel, E4, 32C20 Fixed Station Transmitter Repairman. He’s listed in the spreadsheet I have of Vietnam vets. That’s all the info I have.
B. Wickham

​​​​​    From: Jim White
     Date:  May 3, 2019
Subject:  AFVN Sign-Off Music

Can anyone help with this? 
Jim W


As above, I was very late in replying to this,  Also see the Group Conversation titled "AFVN Sign-Off Music. "

Jim W Contacts - Page 6

    From:  Robin F. Kerns

   Dated:  August 15, 2018

Subject:  Phillip Grant

   During my tour at Camp Addison in 67 - 68 I was detailed to a makeshift soul band that entertained around the area.  I know we were filmed at least once in a studio, (I think). I was the lead singer.  I have no memorabilia of my time there and I've been searching for anything.  If you can help me I'd greatly appreciate it.  The older I get the more I long for memories.  Thank you

Note:  I am sure that I replied that I was unable to help Phillip because there

are no permanent archives of local programs prepared by AFVN.  Jim W

​​​​​    From:  Jim White
     Date:  July 7, 2019
Subject:  Phone Ringtones

​Here you are--enjoy and thanks for your interest in AFVN.

Jim W

    From:  Allen Brown 
     Date:  October 17, 2018 
Subject:   "Good Morning VN" Ringtone Request 
I request an attached copy of Ringtone #3. I am in the Vietnam Class of 1972 (USARV in 1971-1972 with 1st CAV DIV). Thank you for preserving this history for us aging vets to enjoy and for our descendants to learn from. 
Allen Brown MAJ, USAR (Ret.) [I was proud to be a vet before being a veteran was cool.] 
This may be a major miss on my part.  I am sure that I have sent Major Brown the Ringtone, but my message doing so nor have his original message showing his email address. 

Jim White, Webmaster

​​​​​    From:  Katie Nollan, Simthsonian Channelcom
     Date:  November 13, 2018 
Subject:  Master Copy of AFVN Apollo 12 Moonwalk Coverage

Good afternoon!  I'm working on a documentary series about the history of the Apollo space program, and we're interested in using some of this footage in our section about Apollo 12.  Would it be possible to get an HD copy of this material, or do you still have the original kinescope? Thank you!

​​​​​    From:  Jim White
     Date:  November 23, 2018 
Subject:  Master Copy of AFVN Apollo 12 Moonwalk Coverage

Dear Katie,

This is probably way too late, but while working on my files I realized I hadn't done enough research to be able to give you a correct answer.  The YouTube clip you referenced below (message of November 13th), was posted by Bob Morecook who was with AFVN in 1972/73,  He was on air from AFVN before it was shut down.   I see that you probably wrote "Bob" on November 13th, but, since he used the AFVN Website address your message came to me as Webmaster.   Bob was the previous webmaster.  But I took over from him in late 2012 after his site (on, now no longer in existence)  "froze" when Geocities went bankrupt and, at about the same time, he lost all of his back-up files due to a computer failure, all sometime before 2012.  I never realized he had posted the Apollo 12 video which you referred to until just today.  He probably has never seen your message so I am sending this chain of messages to him in hopes that he might be able to help.  I feel, however, if he does have a copy it is equally poor--otherwise he would used the better when he put this clip on Youtube. Jim White 

Bob:  This may be too late, but hopefully Katie will contact you.  Please help her as best you can.  Jim W

​​​    From:  Jim White, Webmaster 
     Date:  October 31, 2018 
Aubject:  Adrian Cronauer 
Dear Mr. Kim,

There is no video of Adrian Cronauer because his show was on radio, not TV.   In addition, AFVN did not have a system for archiving its programs so there is very little video or audio of any kind that has survived.  What has survived is mostly from audio/video tapes taken back to the US by the some of the members of AFVN.   Video is  particularly scarce because it would have been on the old 2" videotape reels and therefore would have taken up too much space in one's baggage.   What I have been able to secure is under Video Archives and Audio Archives on our website,  The index will lead you to what we have on Adrian.  There is a picture of him in a Class A khaki uniform holding a rifle but I am sure it is a "posed" shot because he would have been in the olive green work uniform if he had really on duty as a guard or whatever. [ See ]  The page titled "Broadcasting During the Vietnam Era." has a more modern example of Adrian giving his signature "Good Morning, Vietnam" in a videotaped panel discussion made in 2011.  [See ]  There some other "GMV" examples linked to Audio Archives [SEE ] but they are by other AFVN announcers who continues the program after Adrian had departed.

Best wishes, Jim White PS: 

My apologies for not calling, but I live in Japan and the difference in times zones make using the telephone somewhat difficult. 


​​​​​    From:  James Holbrook
     Date:  February 25, 2019
Subject:  AFVN Sign-Off Music

​What was the sign-off music on AFVN in 1969?  I thought it was a piece of classical music by Richard Strauss, but I have never been able to identify it.  

​​​​​    From:  Fred S. Archibald
     Date:  December 28, 2018
Subject:  Joining Roster

​Was SP-5 at AFVN Dong Ba Thin 1970-71. Anyone heard from Bill Blumel or Bob Anderson?

​​​​​    From:  Jim White
     Date:  December 29, 2018
Subject:  Joining Roster

​Dear Fred, Thanks for contacting me. W. Blumel's name is on the AFVN Roster but I know nothing about him.  If you know his branch of service, rank when he departed AFVN, job(s) and location(s), I would greatly appreciate getting that information. Bob Anderson is on the roster, to include the above information.  Steve Starnes sent it to me in October 2015 and, at that time, said he had been unsuccessful in searching for Bob on the web. I have no record of receiving any email from either one of them and no one else has ever mentioned them either. Your name is not on the AFVN Roster and it certainly appears that it should be.  Please send me your job(s) and location,(s) so that I may add it. This message will also go to the AFVN Yahoo Group.  It includes a rather small portion of those who were with AFVN over the years, but anyone seeing this might be able to help both of us  a little. Speaking of the AFVN Yahoo Group.  Are you a member?  If not, please contact Bob Morecook at and ask him to add you to our group.

Wishing you a Happy New Year,

Jim White SGM, USA (Ret'd)

​​​​​    From:  Katie Nolan
     Date:  November 26, 2018 
Subject:  Master Copy of AFVN Apollo 12 Moonwalk Coverage

​Hi Jim and Bob, 
Thank you both so much for your help! I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, the quality on YouTube isn’t sufficient for us to use for broadcast, but we’ve found different footage that we can use in its stead. 
Thank you both again! 
Katie Nolan (she/her) | Associate Producer, Apollo 50th 
Smithsonian Channel | 1225 19th St, NW, Suite 400 | Washington, DC 20036 
Office: 202.261.1286 | Cell: 410.960.4979 | Fax: 202.261.1730

​​​​​    From:  Earnest Woodruff
     Date:  January 15, 2019
Subject:  Finding a Soldier

​My Partner and I built the AFN Radio station in Dong Ba Thin Vietnam 1968/69. I didn't keep in touch and I can't remember his name. We had a Marine E-8 last name Starns. Would like to establish contact.

​​​​​    From:  Mike Griesy
     Date:  July 7, 2019
Subject:  Phone Ringtones

​I am writing to get Ringtone #5 as listed on your website...

Thanks again,

Mike RVN 68-69

​​​​​    From:  Mike Griesy
     Date:  July 7, 2019
Subject:  Phone Ringtones

Thanks a bunch, Jim


​​​​​    From:  Jim White
     Date:  January 17, 2019
Subject:  Finding a Soldier

​Dear Earnest, First of all, I have you on our website as an SP4, USA, Transmitter Repairman in 67-68.  Is that correct and/or should it be amplified? The AFVN Roster shows that there was an SP5 Paul W. Starnes, USA at Cam Rahn Bay / Hon Tre in 1969-70.  He passed away on June 2, 2004.   However, he may not have been in Vietnam the same time as you were.  The roster also shows a Marine MSgt Edward Stein was the NCOIC at Nha Trang in 1966.  He is marked as deceased but I have no details as to when.   And, again, he might have not been there when you were. I am afraid that this is about all the help I can give you.   However, you can help me by sending some photos and stories from your tour so I can add you to our Photos and Stories section.  Also, let me know what state you currently live in so I can add you to our "Where are We Today" page.


Jim White SGM (Ret'd), USA Webmaster, AFVNVETS.NET

​​​​​    From:  Keri Giannotti
     Date:  July 4, 2019
Subject:  Event at the NJVVWF


I am hoping you will be able to help with a project I am working on at the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Foundation. Each year we have an Annual Interdisciplinary Forum on the Vietnam Era- we are focusing on the Media of the era. I would like to be able to tell the story of the AFVN and would like to put together a panel disc jockeys hopefully in the New Jersey area to keep costs down. Would you be able to help me look through the list and find locals? Thank you in advance for your help! I look forward to hearing from you! Best wishes!


​​​    From:  Chuck Ingle 
     Date:  November 2, 2018 
Subject:   2018 Reunion 
Today I tried looking for a reunion update, to check the planning progress or see if I'd missed another one. It appears that 2018 is in a stall. Has it been dropped, and is 2019 being planned? I'm still looking to attend my first one. 
Thanks, Chuck


As of November 24. 2018, I am still considering/exploring dates and places where AFVN might be able to

have its next reunion.   I'm not going to make the decision alone so please send me your input.    Jim W