Intelligence Report - Allied Land Force, French Indo-China
October 1945
Describes activities of interest to the Allied Land Force, French Indo-China.
Mentioned in the document are two Saigon area locales, Khanh Hoi Island and Thanh My Tay.
Khanh Hoi was the island just south of downtown Saigon. Thanh My Tay is the area just beyond the Saigon Zoo.  If you drove
out Hong Thap Tu past AFVN, as though headed for the bridge to Long Binh, you would enter into the Thanh My Tay area. This

document gives a good snapshot of the various forces in the Saigon area, mainly the British, French, Japanese and Viet Minh.

MAAG-Vetnam Headquarters Building to be Demolished   Being Demolished
606 Tran Hung Dao to be replaced by a new tower block.
[From Mike McNally on November 11, 2015    From Facebook, August 2018.]

MACV Telephone Book as of May 1968
Page 1 to Page 148               Page 149 to Back Cover
Located on the Texas Tech Vietnam Archive Website.
[These files are rather large and may a few minutes to load.]
If you haven't seen this telephone directory before, you should enjoy the great amount of primary information it contains.
If this info reminds you of a place you worked, or someone you knew, please let us know.
Recently, the AFVN Group has been discussing the Charles Neil listing in the 1973 DAO telephone directory.
Someone wondered when AFVN's Tiger phones from Jan 1968 had been changed to the 922 exchange
which Chuck had in the 1973-75 era.  Chuck was the man who prepared the White Christmas message
played during the Fall of Saigon.

This excerpt from the May 1968 directory (right)

shows that AFVN's numbers were already listed

as "922" and  not Tiger.

A portion from page 50 of the May 1968
MACV Phone Book showing the AFVN listing.

[AFVN is rather strangely listed in that
the  Network OIC appears to be
"under" the News Division. 

Hanoi - Photos of Daily Life 100 Years ago

These colorized photos show people from the Royal Family all the way down to the common man.

​A glimpse of a past culture we who were in Vietnam never knew anything about.

[Link Received from Rick Fredericksen in January 2019.]

Map of the Vietnam War (Interactive)

A map showing location of units during the Vietnam War.

The map may be enlarged for greater detail and includes lists of units and locations in Vietnam.

[Taken from Facebook September 2018]

Looking for Her Father's Shop
September 2013
Correspondence with a Vietnamese Women who had come to the US in 1968 at age 10
and she was trying to locate the location of her father's shop on Google.

​Going Back to Vietnam - Peter Berlin
In March 2013, Peter Berlin wrote that he was planning a trip to Vietnam.
He said that he would report back but as far as the Webmaster knows he never did.​

Al Gore in Vietnam
Not the most important item on this website, but perhaps just a little known fact?
[Received from Mike McNally in July 2016.]

Japanese Occupation of Vietnam during World War Two

Posted by Paul Blizzard at VietnamWarHistory.Org in June 2018.

A Collection of Photos of the Japanese in Vietnam- 1941 to 1945

The Americans and the French were not the only ones who occupied Vietnam in Modern Times.

Posted by Keith Goudy at VietnamWarHistory.Org In June 2018.

Helicopter Pilots in Vietnam
Submitted by Dick Ellis - July 2017

From a Vietnam buddy in the great state of South Carolina!!!  God bless those chopper crews who came to get us more than once!!!

Honda - Vietnam's 1969 Street Fashion Story as Told Through Honda Cubs
Rick suggests that Hon Tre Island is in the background of several of the first photos.

[From Saigoneer Magazine.  Link received from Rick Fredericksen in December 2018.]

Ho Chi Minh - Death of

MACV Closes
An Associated Press story on the closing of MACV on March 29th, 1973. There is also a story
about the closing of US Army Vietnam on March 15th 1973 which includes a bit about the
proverbial "Will the last man to leave please turn off the light."

G to M

Honor Flights
These are flights arranged by the Honor Flight Network so that veterans can have a chance to visit
Washington D.C. and the Vietnam Wall, etc.  This link goes to a page with information on signing up for one.

K Troop, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
Bob Hersey, who was this unit from April 1968 to April 1969, has a Web page dedicated to K Troop.
It has a number of links to photos, letters home, audio letters home, etc.
Some of them appear to broken but the others might  be interesting.
[Note: Taken from the old Geocities site.]

Hueys (UH-1), Why it became a symbol of the Vietnam War
From "We are the Mighty"
[Received from Jim White on March September 4, 2017.]

Dick Downs holding a copy of the Stars & Stripes announcing the death of Ho Chi Minh.
(Ho Chi Minh died on September 2, 1969.)

[The above was submitted and comments made (except as noted) by Mike McNally.]

MACV/DAO Facilities - Under Construction
Here are five aerial photos of the compound both during construction and following completion.  Click here.

And here are nine photos taken in December 1966 by SP5 James I. Hattori, USA Special Photo Det, Pacific.  Click here.
The first building constructed in the compound was the double warehouse in the northwest corner.
You can see that building in the far background on page 7 of the PDF.

An aerial view of the newly completed facility in 1967.  The view is looking southeast.  Click here.
You can see the double warehouse building in the foreground.
The two Marines, Darwin Judge and Charles McMahon, who were killed by the rocket attack about 0400 on
29 April 1975, were standing just outside the MACV/DAO fence, northwest corner, seen in the foreground of this photo.
[Submitted by Mike McNally.]

Below is Charles "Chuck" Neil's personal phone book listing as of May 1973.
[He worked for the Army Division of the Defense Attache's Office.
Building T-1 might refer to the AFVN Saigon's main studio building while
the Room 127 may be the room number but this has not been confirmed.  

(The) Man in the Door
A short video on door gunners on the Hueys during the Vietnam War.
[Submitted by Frank Rogers.]

​On May 10, 2017, Dickie Ellis wrote: "I am totally sure I took some of this footage."

Also on May 10, 2017, in response, David Pinto wrote "Powerful stuff.  Thanks"

(The) Hueys
Tribute to the Helicopter Pilots of the Vietnam War.
[Received from John Lehman on September 4, 2013.]

MACV-OI Press Release for July 18,1965  (9 pages)
Some of the photos that went with the above press release
This links go to a press release issued by MACV-OI.
Some of it is difficult to read but that is because of the original method of printing (very out-of-date
purple ink--something I remember from my schools days in the 1940's.)   [Jim White]
[Received from Ron Hesketh in October 2014.]

MACV/DAO Facilities - Maps
The first of these two graphics show the MACV compound as of 1970 while the second one shows the
Defense Attache compound at of early 1975.  Unfortunately the scans are a little too small to easily seen.

Life in Vietnam -- Weekly News Magazine

Dated September 24, 1966

A rather strange magazine with a mixture of stories from the front, information on

tourist attractions, bars, etc., and a guide to living in Saigon. Note: 

Some of the pages are missing.  The next to last page is numbered "74" but there are only 61 pages in this file.

I don't know if some of the pages are missing on purpose or what.

This is all that is available but it is rather interesting reading.  [Webmaster]

Images of a Lengthy War
Link to a public domain book available on the site.  By Joel Meyerson, a military historian in Vietnam.
Some sample photos)

[Received from Mike McNally.]

Long Binh Jail (Stockade) Riot in 1968

August 20, 2018

A National Public Radio (NPR) program by Sarah Kramer broadcast on "All Things Considered" August 29, 2018

which talks about a riot by the inmates in August, 1968. [16 Minutes]

At the time this story was rather covered up by other Vietnam War events.

It includes a number of audio clips taken from the / Audio Archives pages.  [Webmaster]