Copy of the Map of Vietnam Posted in the Engineering Section

[Received from Ron Turner in June 2017.]

Sp5 Dan Drobnick, USA

Most likely the AFVN Saigon Station's News Desk

[Photo posted on Facebook by Tim Abney in April 2016.]

Sp4 Joseph M. Huser, USA in 1972

AFVN On Air Studio Saigon 1972.  Don't know if I was doing Orient Express or Dawn Buster. 

Could have been Underground 2 hours of album Rock n the FM automation... lifers hated it.  Joe Huser

Changes in the AFVN Compound -- 1950 through 2015

This is an interesting PDF which first shows the area as it looked in 1950.and then
The next shot is the compound from the air (Photo from James Wentz) and then

a series of Google Earth graphics between 2004 and 2015.

The best way to keep track of the AFVN Tower is to look for its shadow.   The 2009 (page 6) graphic appears to show two towers.  

The original AFVN Tower plus a second one with a larger base (i.e.,  taller) towards the back of (or even outside the original)

the compound.  By 2013 the original AFVN Tower appears to be gone. 

[Complied and submitted by Mike McNally, August & November 2015]

A1C (later SSgt) Hugh Morgan, USAF

[Photo received from Rick Fredericksen]

Go to Rick Fredericksen's Photos & Stories for the two of them in later years.

CPL Tom Sinkovitz, USMC, on his own.

It looks like SP5 Bob Lawrence, USA, is telling  CPL Tom Sinkovitz, USMC, to "look or go that-a-way."

Forty Years on from the Fall of Saigon:

Witnessing the End of the Vietnam War

When North Vietnamese troops marched into the capital on 30 April 1975, it marked the most crushing defeat in US military history. Four decades after he reported on these events for the Guardian, Martin Woollacott reflects upon what it meant for the future of both nations.  

[Received from Rick Fredericksen]

The rebuilt Vietnamese TV Station next door to the AFVN Saigon Station.

Mai Pham Truc   

Did a show on FM with PO2 Mike (Mick?) Smith in 1971 and

was a Music Show DJ in 1972-73. 

Jim Burnside, SP5, USA, at Christmas, 1967

Vietnam Network Moves On Automation

An article from BROADCAST ENGINEERING for February 1970.

Found and posted on FaceBook by Doug Jennings on January 5th, 2015. 

[Note:  This article refers to the Gates Automated Control System as both "The Monster" and as "PFC Gates."  From what I have read,

in Saigon it was usually called "The Monster" but in Da Nang it was likely referred to as "PFC Gates."  Jim White, Webmaster.]

Many more photos of the Saigon Main Station are shown under--

Photos & Stories

Stephen C. Ashley  SP4, USA  Admin, Saigon  1972-73

Ronald C. Bartlett  SP4, USA  TV Director, Saigon  1969-70

James "Sweetback" Brigham  SP5, USA   Disk Jockey, Saigon  1972-73

Preston Cluff  SSG, USA   Saigon  1967-71

Brett Cornwell  SP4, USA  Cameraman, Saigon  1972

Kenneth E. "Ken" Couch  PH1, USA  Photographer, Saigon  1972-73 

Dick Ellis  SP5, USA  Newsman, Saigon  1967-68

Thomas W. "Tom" Firchow  SP5, USA  Broadcast Engineer, Saigon  1968-69

Rick Fredericksen  Cpl, USMC  Newsman, Saigon  1969-70 

Ron Hesketh  SP5, USA  Saigon  1964-65

Michael "Mike" Kumm  Sgt, USAF  Saigon  1972-73

Calvin M. "Cal" LaMartiniere  TSgt, USAF  News Director, Saigon  1966-67

David Lavender  SP5, USA  Saigon  1967

Burton "Burt" Lehman  SP4, USA  TV Technician, Saigon  1968-69

Bob Mays  SP4, USA  Radio/TV News & Sports, Saigon  1970-71

John T . Mikesch  SP5, USA  TV Director, Saigon  1966-68

Randall J. Moody  CPT, USA  Network News OIC, Saigon  1968-69

Bob Nelson  SFC, USA  Newsroom, 1965-66 & NCOIC, Broadcast Operations, Saigon  1972

Craig Prosser  SP5, USA  Newsman, Saigon  1963-64

Carlton M. "Mick" Smith  PO2, USN  Announcer, Saigon  190-71

William E. "Bill" Sutphin  MGySgt, USMC  Network NCOIC, Saigon  1966-67

James E. "Gene" Wentz  LCDR, USN  Deputy Network OIC & Network News OIC, Saigon  1969-70

Steve Wiltsie  1LT, USA  Home video of Quang Tri, Da Nang and Saigon  1970-71

Taken during the taping of the Bob Hope show at July on December 25, 1971.

SFC Jean LeRoy, USA, is on the left; CPT Bob ?? , USA, is looking at the camera; Capt Terry Mayer, USAF;

Unknown, MAJ , USA; and another unknown on the right.

AFVN Main (Key) Station, Saigon

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