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I took over this website in late 2012 after meeting and talking with Bob Morecook who was one of the founders of the original GeoCities SFVN website.   The GeoCities web building company had gone bankrupt and it was no longer possible to add or correct what Bob had done.  He was more than happy to turn it over to me.  I started making the present version during the Fall of 2012 and using the model furnished, included both a "Contact the Webmaster" page and a "Guest Book" page.  

Sometime in mid-2013, I decided to start a "Past Comments" page so I could keep a record of submissions to both of these pages   The big difference between the two is that one may request to join the AFVNVETS website from the "Contact" page but not the "Guest page."  While many of the comments are rather ordinary, many of them provide a "snapshot" as to how AFVN was seen by its primary audience--the GIs in Vietnam.   

Jim White, Webmaster