Part of a Newspaper Article on AFVN dated 1970 or so

It includes photos of SP4, Reed Black, USA; PO2 Carlton M. "Mick" Smith, USN and TSgt Don Armstrong, USAF.

Cover of a booklet sold during the premiere of "Good Morning, Vietnam"

Part of an article Jean Leroy, MSgt, USAF My apologies for the poor but this was the first time for me to use a hand-scanner. 

I think that it is Major Edgar Dove, USAF, Deputy OIC who is shaking Jerry's hand as LTC Souville watches on.

Jerry might have been afraid to look Major Dove in the eye for fear of being struck by lightening?

AFVN Reunion

October 3 to 6, 2012 -- Memphis, Tennessee

A short miscellany of scans of some of the items brought to the reunion.

The scans are only representative of some of the things that people brought.

Comments by Jim White

SP4 Jerry Nelson, USA receiving the Joint Service Commendation Medal from AFVN OIC LTC Lawrence Souville, USA.

Most likely taken in early March 1970.  I think that is CW4 William Lilley, USA, standing on Jerry's right.

Part of a Newspaper Article on "Good Morning Vietnam" and Jean Leroy

Copied from a clipping from a stateside newspaper.

Part of an Article on Women Volunteers at AFRTS

Names "Diana" a USO Showgirl and "Jannie" the Weather Girl.

A "selfie" of Jean Leroy, MSgt, USAF.

The reverse side of a South Vietnamese 100 Dong or Piaster note.

MSG Jim White, USA, Admin NCO and Jerry's immediate boss, giving Jerry his "Sayonara" plaque as LTC Souville looks on.