Andews, James "JIm"  SP5, USA  1970-1971

Ashley, Stephen D.  SP4, USA  Saigon Admin  1972

Brill, Gary  SP5, USA  1969-1970

Brooks, Richard  SP5, USA  Pleiku  1968-1969

Ciokon, Joe  JO1, USN  1968

Dornberg, Don  SP5, USA  Pleiku 1967-1968

Ellis, Dick  SP5, USA  1967-1968

Eulenstein, Ernst W.  SSG, USA  Qui Nhon  1969

Fredericksen, Rick  Cpl, USMC  Saigon  1968-1969

Germinder, Harvey J.  SP5, USA  1968-1969

Gilder, Kenneth R.  SP5, USA  Saigon / Qui Nhon  1967-1968

Goucher, Michale R.  SP5, USA  Tech Director, etc.  Pleiku  1967-1968 Halloran, Michael J. "Mike"  SP5, USA  19968-1970

Hesketh, Ron  SP5, USA  1964-1965

Huser, Joseph M.  SP4, USA  1972-73

Jackson R. Michael CPT, USA  Network News OIC  1971

Kalish, Kenneth K. "Ken"  CMG3, USN  1968-1969

Kelsey, Ann  Army (Special Services) Libraries, Vietnam  1969-1970 Leroy, Jean MSgt, USAF "Blue Eagle" (66) / Production, Saigon (70-71) Morgan, Hugh  Sgt, USAF  1969-1970

Nelson, Jerry  SP5, USA  Admin  1971-1972

Noonan, John F.  SP, USA  1971-1972

Prosser, Craig  SP5, USA  Newsman 1963-1964

Rogers, Frank  SFC, USA Saigon / Da Nang  1970-1971

Southerland, Steve R.  SP5, USA  1963-64

Michael J. "Mike" Sullivan  SP5, USA  1969-70

Turner, D. A. "Al"  GySgt, USMC  Chief Engineer, Quang Tri  1970-71

Werges, Richard W. SP5, USA  1964

White, James D. "Jim"  MSG, USA  Admin NCO  1970-71

Coming to the Reunion

Name in gray = "Wrote they would come"

Name in black = "Have registered"

MID = USS Midway Tour

MCRD = Marine Corps Recruit Depot Tour

AFVN Reunion

October 16 to 19, 2014 -- San Diego, California  North Carolina

Please come if at all possible

Don't say "maybe next time." Come join us this year.

As on the AFVN Roster showing Rank, Years, etc.
(I.E., in their previous incarnations)
 Jim and Karen Andrews   [MID-2]
Stephen Ashley
Gary and Virginia Brill    [MID-2]
Rich Brooks  [MID] Did Rich attend?
Joe and Mary Ciokon    [MID-2 / MCRD-2]
Don Dornberg
DIck Ellis    [MID]
Ernst Eulenstein
Rick Fredericksen    [MID / MCRD]
Harvey Geminder
Ken Gilder(Couldn't come.)
Michael Goucher
Mike and Claudine Halloran
Ron Hesketh   [MID-2 / MCRD-2]
Joe Huser
Mike and Susan Jackson    [MID-2 / MCRD-2]
Ken and Lila Kalish
Ann Kelsey
Jean and Clarice Leroy   [MID-2 / MCRD-2]
Hugh and Becky Morgan
Jerry and Marcia Nelson    [MID-2]
John NoonanDid John attend?
Craig Prossser
Frank Rogers    [MID / MCRD]
Steve Southerland
Mike and Peg Sullivan  [MID-2]
Al Turner
Dick Werges
Jim White     [MID]