Andews, James "JIm"  SP5, USA  1970-1971

Ashley, Stephen D.  SP4, USA  Saigon Admin  1972

Brill, Gary  SP5, USA  1969-1970

Brooks, Richard  SP5, USA  Pleiku  1968-1969

Ciokon, Joe  JO1, USN  1968

Dornberg, Don  SP5, USA  Pleiku 1967-1968

Ellis, Dick  SP5, USA  1967-1968

Eulenstein, Ernst W.  SSG, USA  Qui Nhon  1969

Fredericksen, Rick  Cpl, USMC  Saigon  1968-1969

Germinder, Harvey J.  SP5, USA  1968-1969

Gilder, Kenneth R.  SP5, USA  Saigon / Qui Nhon  1967-1968

Goucher, Michale R.  SP5, USA  Tech Director, etc.  Pleiku  1967-1968 Halloran, Michael J. "Mike"  SP5, USA  19968-1970

Hesketh, Ron  SP5, USA  1964-1965

Huser, Joseph M.  SP4, USA  1972-73

Jackson R. Michael CPT, USA  Network News OIC  1971

Kalish, Kenneth K. "Ken"  CMG3, USN  1968-1969

Kelsey, Ann  Army (Special Services) Libraries, Vietnam  1969-1970 Leroy, Jean MSgt, USAF "Blue Eagle" (66) / Production, Saigon (70-71) Morgan, Hugh  Sgt, USAF  1969-1970

Nelson, Jerry  SP5, USA  Admin  1971-1972

Noonan, John F.  SP, USA  1971-1972

Prosser, Craig  SP5, USA  Newsman 1963-1964

Rogers, Frank  SFC, USA Saigon / Da Nang  1970-1971

Southerland, Steve R.  SP5, USA  1963-64

Michael J. "Mike" Sullivan  SP5, USA  1969-70

Turner, D. A. "Al"  GySgt, USMC  Chief Engineer, Quang Tri  1970-71

Werges, Richard W. SP5, USA  1964

White, James D. "Jim"  MSG, USA  Admin NCO  1970-71

Coming to the Reunion

Name in gray = "Wrote they would come"

Name in black = "Have registered"

MID = USS Midway Tour

MCRD = Marine Corps Recruit Depot Tour

As on the AFVN Roster showing Rank, Years, etc.
(I.E., in their previous incarnations)
 Jim and Karen Andrews   [MID-2]
Stephen Ashley
Gary and Virginia Brill    [MID-2]
Rich Brooks  [MID] Did Rich attend?
Joe and Mary Ciokon    [MID-2 / MCRD-2]
Don Dornberg
DIck Ellis    [MID]
Ernst Eulenstein
Rick Fredericksen    [MID / MCRD]
Harvey Geminder
Ken Gilder(Couldn't come.)
Michael Goucher
Mike and Claudine Halloran
Ron Hesketh   [MID-2 / MCRD-2]
Joe Huser
Mike and Susan Jackson    [MID-2 / MCRD-2]
Ken and Lila Kalish
Ann Kelsey
Jean and Clarice Leroy   [MID-2 / MCRD-2]
Hugh and Becky Morgan
Jerry and Marcia Nelson    [MID-2]
John NoonanDid John attend?
Craig Prossser
Frank Rogers    [MID / MCRD]
Steve Southerland
Mike and Peg Sullivan  [MID-2]
Al Turner
Dick Werges
Jim White     [MID]

AFVN Reunion

October 16 to 19, 2014 -- San Diego, California  North Carolina

Please come if at all possible

Don't say "maybe next time." Come join us this year.