AFVN 2016 Reunion

September 29 to October 2, 2016  Raleigh, North Carolina

---------------------------------- During the Reunion----------------------------------

The Reunion was a resounding success thanks to the efforts of Dickie Ellis and Ken Kalish.

Tom Folston Shares one of his AFVN Memories

Bob Morecook  (2:37 Minute Video)

More than a Name on a Wall
Ron Hesketh and his Choral Group singing a Statler Brothers' hit song about the Vietnam Wall.
Ron played this for those at the 2016 AFVN Reunion in Raleigh, NC.

All of the 2016 AFVN Reunion Video plus some still shots

This video contains all of the below video (but none of Dennis Woytek's photos).

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Bob Morecook  (1:25:20-Minute Video)

Bob Morecook at the 2016 AFVN Reunion in Raleigh, NC

AFVNer Mike Kumm at the Raleigh Reunion in 2016

Bob Morecook   (2:18 Minute Video)

Group Picture of everyone at the 2016 AFVN Reunion in Raleigh, NC

When Bruce Wahl posted this on Facebook he wrote:

"I’ve spent this weekend with 18 fellow veterans of the American Forces Vietnam Network. For me, it’s the first time since 2002 I’ve been

able to attend a unit reunion. It was an absolute privilege! One of the attendees (in the center of the photo) is Harry Ettmueller, the lone surviving AFVN member who was a POW for five years (1968 to 1973) when the AFVN Detachment in Huê was overrun in 1968.

Becky and I had dinner with Harry, and heard first-hand what his life was like in a North Vietnamese prison."