USS Midway Museum's Tribute to Veterans

Just 'cause many of it visited it in October 2014.

Rick Fredericksen's Story about the Reunion

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2014 AFVN Reunion Slide Shows and Video

Taken by Ron Hesketh and Rick Fredericksen

Message from Rick Fredericksen dated November 11, 2014

I've just read the newsletter and am so proud to have been part of it; prouder to have been part of AFVN. The contributions were clean, with crisp writing and informative content. The format is very professional and easy on the eyes to navigate through. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice job Ron! The only thing I would add is: "This has been a production of the American Forces Vietnam Network."

Rick Fredericksen

AFVN Reunion Rock - 2014

Prepared by Ron Hesketh

Media Advisory

Prepared by Joe Ciokon

Message from Frank Rogers dated October 23, 2014

Ditto from me on praise for the organizers.  Frank

Message from Rick Fredericksen dated October 23, 2014

I've returned home and need to thank everyone who made the reunion happen, especially those I did not see face-to-face on Sunday morning as attendees scattered. This would include Ken, Jim, Ron and anyone else behind the scene who put this w organized weekend into motion. I did see Joe, who gets a salute and a handshake, and Jean, who gets a bear hug from a fellow Marine. I'll always remember the hospitality and cherish the highlights. Warm regards, Rick

Message from Mike Goucher dated October 20, 2014

Absolutely thrilled to be able to remember this AFVN Reunion with all of you by this clip (as mentioned) that I was able to send to family back home.  I am honored to be among you all, for having the opportunity to meet AFVN Veterans from other years, and to tell the "up-country" story as a representative of GI's who brought the information, education and entertainment via those TV vans in some of the more remote, more primitive locations in RVN. Hope we all can do it again!

 Second message from Mike dated October 22, 2014

In anticipation of that news clip disappearing with the changing news cycle, I have posted a You Tube copy here:  which I hope will give it longevity and maybe even permanency.  Passable sound, not #10 sound & "sorry 'bout that." I am so glad I went to AFVN Reunion 2014 in San Diego and was impressed immensely to see "the big picture" of military broadcasting in VietNam and to meet brothers-in-arms from other epochs in the rise and eventual demise of American Forces Radio and TV in that war zone. Peace and good health to all and thanks for the hard work of Ken and Lila Kalish, Joe Ciokin, Sgt. Major Jim White, and all who made my first AFVN Reunion a wonderful experience for me and for all.

Message from Ken Guilder dated October 20, 2014

Special Offer on AFVN Chips

Since I missed the reunion due to a medical emergency, here are the chips up for grabs. They are $4.50 each (+$1.40 postage); six for $25 (+$2.50 postage) and 13 for $50 (+$4.50 postage) PayPal is accepted, but please add 5%.

PayPal address is Checks and money orders may be sent to P. O. Box 16096, St. Petersburg, FL 33733. Shipment will be the same, or next business day from receipt of payment by money order, certified check, or cashiers check. Personal checks will be held five days.

Actual size is about that of a quarter.

Message from Ken Kalish dated November 10, 2014

AFVN American Forces Vietnam Network Friends:

There has been much activity over the last three weeks. I paid the last small bill yesterday, so here's a final accounting:

Our assistance funds made it possible for three AFVN alums to attend the reunion.  Much thanks to everyone who donated, whether a little or a lot.  The fund surpassed $2,800 in donations just before the reunion, and [wound up allocating most of that.  It has $105 in it at this time.  The seed money for the next gathering is $640.03.  That does not include the remaining assistance fund sum.  I will send two checks to whomever handles the 2016 gathering.  Although it isn't a lot of money,  I will allow it to remain in my reunion account as long as possible so it can accumulate some pennies of interest.  The bulk of the seed money came from our raffle, $570.  Thanks to everyone who donated and to everyone who participated (even though it seemed like the Ciokon family stuffed the cups!).  If you left anything at the hotel, please let me know.


TV Report by ABC Channel 10, San Diego

Military Broadcasters Hold Reunion in San Diego

"Good Morning Vietnam" wasn't just a movie line.

[Posted by Mike Goucher]

AFVN 2014 Reunion

October 16 to 19, 2014  San Diego, California

---------------------------------- During the Reunion----------------------------------

The Reunion was a resounding success thanks to the efforts of Joe Ciokon and Ken Kalish.