Left:  The interesection as it looked in the 1960's.              Right:  As it looks in 2016.

Rather blurred, but a closer view of House Seven.

Perhaps cropped from the previous photo?

My Canh Floating Restaurant Bombing

On June 26, 1965, the Viet Cong bombed the My Canh Floating Restaurant in Saigon. 
They claimed it to be a great victory so the Joint U.S. Public Affairs Office, Saigon published a pamphlet refuting these claims. 
Entering "My Canh Restaurant" into your browser will pull up a great many related sites and information. 
[Pamphlet furnished by Ron Hesketh, May 2013.]

Inside Story: The My Canh Floating Restaurant Bombing

This is the version submitted (and is similar to the one published in Vietnam Magazine).

[Written by and received from Rick Fredericksen in April 2016.] 

Just Outside Tan Son Nhut Air Base

Lang Cha Ca: From Mausoleum to Roundabout!

If you went in or out of Tan Son Nhut Air Base, you went past this area.

[Received from Mike McNally in June 2016.] 

Related to Saigon

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Click here to go to a AFVN Group Conversation about House Seven.

The Saigoneer -- Old Saigon

Once you start, you can't stop:  Very informative.

[Received from Paul Kasper in March 2016. 

An even closer view of House Seven.

Hong Thap Tu 7 - The House that  "Wasn't There"

Get Out Any Way You Can: The Story of the Evacuation of House Seven

by Charles Eugene Taber

A CIA agent’s gripping story of the fall of Vietnam and the escape of the CIA’s

Vietnamese propaganda force and their families after Saigon fell.
House Seven was immediately to the left of the Saigon Main Station (as one faced the main gate). 

No one was supposed to know what was there and I, for one, certainly didn't.  Jim White
[I think that all of the materials on this page were received from Mike McNally]

The entrance to House Seven.

It's possible that this is now the location of the Vietnam TV Center in Ho Chi Minh City - Channel VTV9

which may or may not be related to Ho Chi Minh City Television.

This photo is on the cover of the book "Get Out Anyway You Can."

Excerpts from History of the U.S. Consulate in Saigon

by James Nach

This is apparently excerpts of a larger work by James Nach, who worked for the US government in Vietnam.

There are some interesting facts and photos in the PDF.

Note that it covers the period 1929 to 1942.  

The US Government did not have an embassy in Saigon until much later.

[Received from Mike McNally in January 2016.]

Tan Son Nhut Airbase - Which gate did you go through?

This is a photo of Tan Son Nhut Airbase (now Airport) in 2016. 

If you are interested in an article about it becoming too small, click here.

[Received from Mike McNally in January 2016.]

The present-day entrance to House Seven / Vietnam TV Center.

Saigon Street Scenes (1940 to 1950)

This is one of the "harder to make sense of" old Saigon videos since it’s a compilation of clips

filmed between 1940 and 1950, starkly different times in the country.  (Length = 2:42)

At about 50 seconds, it shows a train going past the old Saigon Opera House.

[Received from Mike McNally in January 2016.]

Saigon Hyperlapse

A very quick look at Saigon today. 

A short video of Saigon today which includes a great deal of "fast forward."  

[Received from Rick Fredericksen in March  2016.]

(From lower right to upper left)  The South Vietnamese TV Station, the AFVN Saigon Station and House Seven.

Evidently the swimming pool that shows up in some of the aerial photos of AFVN belonged to House Seven.

TET in Saigon in 1949

A 4-minute video showing Saigon street scenes at a TET very different that the one some of us knew in 1968.

Note:  This video may take a little time to come up.  Also, the first picture you see of people gambling is just that--a picture!

To see the video, click on the second picture immediately below.

[Received from Mike McNally in January 2016.]

Slide Show
12 Photos

Clipping on a recent book about the CAI's propaganda radio broadcasts from House Seven.

I  took  the above pictures on Sunday, September 27th, 1970.  I was still living in the Iowa BEQ so I went to the USAHAC Compound for lunch.  Then got the bus to the Cholon  PX.  After I got back to the Iowa. I walked north on Plantation Road towards Tan Son Nhut to take some pictures of this cemetery.  I actually had no idea as to what it really was until I saw the website referenced above. 

Jim White

TET '68 - Battle for the Saigon Radio Station

Note that this is not the AFVN Station, but the South Vietnamese Government's Radio Station.

[Received from Mike McNally in June 2016.] 

the slide show and then on the buttons on the right side of the photos as desired.   The photos do not change automatically.

Saigon Mission - In Support of Vice President Agnew's Visit to Saigon

This link goes to an anonymous blog about Charlie Troop 1/9th​'s support of security during the Vice President's visit.

Includes a number of aerial photos of Saigon.

[Received from Jim Anderson in July, 2014.]