Veterans Day Program - 1965
By Bill Altman SSG. ISA and Adrian Cronauer  SSgt, USAF
[Received from BIll Altman in August 1965.]

[NB: The following is from a message from Bill dated July 29, 2016 and

explains a little of what he was doing between tours to Vietnam.]

Dear Mr. Hanan, Just a note to say hello and tell you how much I am looking forward to our visit to Ft. Bragg in late September.  I know you have been in contact with Dick Ellis in Raleigh.  Dick and I both worked in the XVIII Abn. Corps/Ft. Bragg PAO in the 60"s. I was the NCOIC of the Radio/TV branch from 1966-1969, left to attend Infantry OCS  at Benning.  After graduating, I returned to the XVIII Abn Corps' PAO in late 69 as a 2nd Lt. and was assigned as the editor of the Paraglide newspaper.  I returned to Vietnam in 1970.  I remember SMG Tony Garcia and also Mr. Mike Shutack who gave me my first officer efficiency report.  Dick Ellis was part of our radio/TV branch crew before he was assigned to AFVN.  We both have fond memories of our Ft. Bragg duties and are looking forward to returning.  Thanks for your help with our AFVN group's tour of Ft. Bragg.

A couple of photos from Bill's days at Fort Bragg.   Click Here

[NB: And this is a reponse to the above from Dick Ellis.]

Hey Bill.... They don't have Mess Halls anymore...  They don't have WAC's any more...  (Remember I dated the WAC Exec. Officer when I was a PFC and she was a 1st Lt.? ) The commanding general and I went to the same Masonic Lodge (Spring Lake) at night and I delivered the Paraglide to his office by day!  He saw me in the hall one day as a PFC and said..."Hey Dick, come in my office a few minutes I want to chat with you."  I thought his staff would wet their pants....
I have also asked Frank if we could stop by and put some flowers on Martha Raye's grave on post.  I interviewed her 4 or 5 times on AFVN-TV.  By the way Frank...  Bill Altman was my boss at Bragg and I can't tell you how great he was to a young draftee that had been in the US Army two months!!  We are all excited to meet you soon!


When he sent these PDF files, Bill wrote:

I'm sending this because there seems to be confusion about Bob Di Rogge (or Bob Di Roggi).  Ron Says he can't remember what Bob Di Roggi looks like.  I have attached two pages from a photo album I made for my daughter about my year (1965) as a AFVN broadcaster in Vietnam.   Both of the pages include photos of Bob Diroggi (Bob Di Rogge) who was the "Destination Noon" DJ and he followed Don Busser the "Dawn Buster" in the mornings.  I apologize if the scanning quality is poor but I completed these quickly in order to help Ron and uncle Bob remember what Bob Di Roggi looked like in 1965. In one of these pages Bob is wearing our 1965 civilian clothes uniform that Ron should remember well.

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Individual Photo Albums & Stories

Ernest T. "Bill" Altman,  SSG, USA  

Engineer, Saigon  (65-66)