​​​​​​Some AFVNers have told their story of how they got into broadcasting elsewhere.   See the following:

Start in Broadcasting                    ​"Broadcasters: Untold Chaos"

Charles B. "Chuck" Adams  CPT, USA  Network News OIC, Saigon / OIC, Da Nang 1970-71
Some of his photos plus a good story about how Chuck was able to get assigned to AFVN.   The story is part of a 
            longer group discussion on censorship.

Ernest T. "Bill" Altman  SSG, USA  Saigon  1965-66   Links to a 35-page PDF file of photos and stories related to his
            tour with AFVN.

Bob Anderson  SSG, USA  Announcer, Saigon and/or Nha Trang  1970-71

Bryant J. "Buck" Arbuckle  CPO, USN  Station Manager, Saigon  1962

Fred Archibald  SP5, USA  Engineer, Dong Ba Thin (Nha Trang)  1970-71
Stephen C.
Ashley   SP4, USA  Admin, Saigon  1972-73

David Austin  SP5, USA  71R   1967-68

J. B.  Sgt, USAF  Tan Son Nhut Air Base  1968   (A short series of cartoons based upon "Snoopy.")

       J.B. was not with AFVN but was evidently an avid listener and copied a number of programs.  He contacted the Webmaster

            recently and agreed to the posting of a number of his recordings and other items but asked that he remain anonymous.  

Michael "Mike" D. Babcock  SP5, USA  Saigon / Tuy hoa / Qui Nhon  1966--68

​John F. Bagwell  SP4, USA  Det 5, Hue   1967-68

Del Barnes, SPC, USA   Announcer, Saigon  1966-67
Bartlett   SP4, USA  TV Director  1969-70
Peter B.
Berlin  1LT, USA  OIC, Det 5, Quang Tri  1969

Bruce Blackburn  SP4, USA  Announcer, Nha Trang  1970-71

Mike Blake  SP4, USA  News, Nha Trang / Da Nang 1969   Returns to work after Covid.

Bill (William) Blumel  SP5, USA  Engineer, Qui Nhon, Dong Ba Thin (Nha Trang)  1970-71

Paul Bottoms, SP5, USA  Chu Lai / Saigon  1968-70
Brandt 1LT, USA  KLIK / PIO 1st Inf. Div.  1968-69

Forrest Brandt (As above)   Photos of Washington D.C. War Memorials

Forrest Brandt (As above)   Story and Photos of "Ole Miss" when Forrest visited his alma mater in 2012.

Forrest Brandt (As above)   A collection of Forrest's Stories
James "Sweetback"
Brigham   SP5, USA  Disk Jockey  1972-73

Donal L. "Scotty" Brink  SP5, USA  Radio, Saigon 1967-68   Comment by Tim Abney

Barry Brower  SP5, USA  Nha Trang / Hon Tre (69-70)

        This link goes to his photos posted on the Flicker Website.  

Ralph W.Brown   SP4, USA   Engineer  Da Nang   (71-72)  
​William E "Buck" / "Bill" 
Buck   SSgt, USMC  Saigon / Da Nang / Pleiku (69-70)
​          Short comment from Mike Pitts.

Donald D. "Dutch" Burford  SP5, USA   1968-69   Photo and Conversation
Carroll  AFRTS and Civilian DJ on AFRTS: 62-73  Roger was never with AFVN but his prerecorded programs

            were part of AFVN from the very beginning to the very end of the station's existence.  For that reason, he deserves a  

            place on this page.
Robert J. "Bob"
Casey  SP5, USA  Saigon  (68-69)  This story arrived in a rather round-about way.  The first section is

            not from a message but is from a letter from Bob to Dick Ellis.  Dick then emailed it to the AFVN Yahoo Group.

Walt Christiansen  SSG, USA   Photo
Ciokon  JO1, USN  1968  Stories, and Comments

Joe Ciokon  JO1, USN  1968  Getting the news about the American Embassy during TET '68

Laurie Clemmons Allgood  SSgt, USAF  Saigon  71-72     Picture of her as a policewoman in Huntington Beach, CA

Preston Cluff  SSG, USA  Sports, Saigon  1967-71
Cornwell   SP4, USA  Cameraman, Saigon  1972
Kenneth E. "Ken"
Couch   PH1, USN  Photographer, Saigon  1972-73
Adrian J.
Cronauer  SSgt, USAF  DJ, Saigon  1965-66  - Most of the items received from Paul Bottoms,
           December 2013.
Davies  SP5, USA  Production Director and Dawnbuster DJ, 1970-71
Roger "Roger Dodger"
Dimick   USAF  Part-time Announcer, Tuy Hao, 1968-69

Don Dornberg, SP5, USA  Radio, Pleiku 1967-68
Downes  SP5, USA  Saigon / Da Nang  (69-70)  - A story about his time in Vietnam working as a correspondent 
             out of the Cam Ranh Bay Information Office and then Det 2 on Monkey Mountain.   Also a couple of photos

Ron Dufault  SP5, USA  Nha Tran - Dong Ba Thin / Pleiku   (68-69)
Ellis   SP5, USA  Newsman, Saigon  1967-68

Dick Ellis  (As above) Dick narrating a bit of North Carolina's  courthouse history

             Posted on YouTube in November 2018.

Harry L. Ettmueller, SFC, USA  Det 5, Hue  Some information about TET '68
Farrell   1LT, USA  OIC, Det 4, Nha Trang/Hon Tre  1968
Thomas W. "Tom"
Firchow  SP5, USA  Broadcast Engineer, Saigon  1968-69

Don Fox  SP5,  USA  DJ  1966-67
Fredericksen  Cpl, USMC   Saigon / Hon Tre  1969-70  After completing his military service, Rick

             continued to work as a news correspondent in the Far East and South-East Asia so some of his photos were taken

             after the Vietnam War ended.  

Rick Fredericksen  (As above)    Rick was the Key Field Producer for the CBS Documentary "Schwarzkopf in Vietnam -

          A Soldier Returns" (1993) as is listed in the credits.   At the time he was working for CBS as the Chief of the Bangkok Office. 
Gary W.
Gears  SP5, USA  1968-69  Link to an aircheck by Gary and some reminisces by those who knew him.
Michael R.
Goucher,  SP5, USA  Pleiku  1967-68  A message about his tour with AFVN, Pleiku.
Donat J. "Don"
Gouin   SFC, USA  Det 5, Hue  1967-68

Edward J. "Joe" Green   SP5, USA  MACV Mail and Distribution Center  1972-73

Gary Gunderson  JO2, USN  News Director, Saigon   Photo
Willis J. "Jim"
Haas  CPT, USA  OIC, Qui Nhon / Saigon  1966-67

Dennis L. Harper  CPO, USN  Grahics Artist, Saigon  1972-73
Hesketh   SP5, USA  Saigon  1964-65

Rick Holen   Sgt., USAF   Not with AFVN, but with Command Miitary Touring Shows and visited AFVN a number of times. 
Jack A.
Holsomback, Jr.  GySgt, USMC  News & Sports  Da Nang / Saigon  1966-67 / 1971

William "Bill" Hunt  SP4, USA  Broadcasting Operations  Saigon  1970-71

Joseph M. "John" Huser  SP4, USA  Radio, Saigon  1972-73

​Charles "Chuck" Ingle   SP4, USA  Hon Tre   1970

​Mike Jackson  CPT, USA   OIC, Networks News   1971

Doug Jennings   SP5, USA  Quang Tri, News& DJ / Saigon, DJ  1970-71

Roy Jones  SP4, USA   Volunteer DJ / KLIK  1969-70

Ken Kalish  GMG3, USN  Radio, Saigon  1968-69   Photos
Kalish  (As above)   40 Stories by Ken repeated here because he is a darn good writer.

Paul Kasper  SSG, USA  1968   Paul was never with AFVN but was in Vietnam as a member of a flame-thrower-equipped

            Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) team.  During his tour, he became quite a avid AFVN fan and, over the past several

            years has helped greatly in providing information on AFVN and with this website.  You may know him from his email

            name,  "parkertwo."   
Keith   AFVN Weather Girl  1967-69      Photo at LZ Dolly
James A. "Jim"Kleine1LT, USA  1967-68

Michael Kumm   Sgt, USAF  Saigon  1972-73
Calvin M. "Cal"
LaMartiniere   TSgt, USAF  News Director, Saigon  1966-1967  / Det 6, Tuy Hao 
          1968  / Program Director, Saigon  1968 
[There are 20 or so photos that were on the old Geocities site which

            can not be accessed.  If anyone has copies or can access any of them, please send them or any information on how to  

            access them to theWebmaster.]
Lavender   SP5, USA  Saigon  1967

Robert F. "Bob" Lawrence   SP5, USA  News  Saigon  1969-70
Burton "Burt"
Lehman   SP4, USA  TV Technician, Saigon  1968-69
John "Jay" / "Jean" 
Lehman SFC, USA  Saigon  News NCOIC  1971-72  A couple of short stories from

            AFVN days about Donald E. White, SSgt, USAF and an SP4, USA who didn't know any better even after being warned.  

            Also some tales from Korea, Japan and Okinawa during the late 1950s and through the 1960s.
Lennox  SP4, USA  News, Det 5, Quang Tri  1970-71
Leroy  MSgt, USAF   "Blue Eagle,"  1966 / Production, Saigon  1970-71

Garry Lyon  SFC, USA  "An Evening with Garry Lyon and Paul Van Dyke"  (Photos by Jim White)

Al Magary, SP5, USA  101st Airborne Division PIO and Stars & Stripes, 1968-70

Gerald R. "Jerry" Masini  SP4, USA  Announcer / DJ / News, Saigon  1962
Mays   SP4, USA  Radio/TV News & Sports. Saigon  1970-71

Eugene R. McKinney  1LT, USA  Network News OIC, Saigon  1972-73

​Rodger McKnight  SP4, USA   Broadcast Engineer, Da Nang  1970-71

Mike McNally  USA, DOD Civilian and Contract Employee 1967-2015  While he was never with AFVN,

          since 2013 Mike has been a reliable and regular contributor of items for the AFVNVets.net website.  I have added

          him to this page so that all of you may know who he is.
Allton "Al" Merwitz  MSgt, USAF  Saigon / Qui Nhon  1965-66 
John T.
Mikesch   SP5, USA  TV Director. Saigon  1966-68
Randall J.
Moody  CPT, USA  Network News OIC, Saigon  1968-69  Photos
           Article from
Military Journalist, Vol. 5, No. 4,  Fall, 1970  pp. 5-8  Published by DINFOS--Defense Information School.
Joseph B.
Moore, Jr.  SP5, USA  Sports Announcer 1968-69   (recent photo only - 2015?)

Robert C. "Bob" Morecook  SP5, USA  Announcer, Saigon  1972-73

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