​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Some AFVNers have told their story of how they got into broadcasting elsewhere.   See the following:
Start in Broadcasting                    ​"Broadcasters: Untold Chaos"

Bob Nelson   SFC, USA  News, Saigon  1965-66 & NCOIC, Broadcast Ops, Saigon  1972    

Bob Nelson   (As Above)     Condolences

Jerry Nelson  SP4, USA, Admin Saigon  1970-71
Noel  Never a member of AFVN but loved by all who served in Vietnam; therefore she deserves her own page. 

Barbara "Bobbie" Oberhansly, First AFVN Weather Girl  ARC, 1967  

James D. "Doug" Offenbacher  Sgt, USMC  Graphic Artist, Saigon  1968-69

Nicholas "Nick" Palladino  SSG, USA  Announcer, Saigon 1968-70
Troy D.
Pennington   Cpl, USMC  News, Saigon  1970-71
Prosser   SP5, USA  Newsman, Saigon  1963-64 

Martha Raye    Entertainer   Visited troops in Vietnam a number of times and was interviewed by Dick Ellis for AFVN.

Martha Raye    Entertainer   Link to a story about her career.  
Arthur "Art"
Roberts  SSgt, USAF  1968-69   SSgt Roberts was stationed at Tan Son Nhut and also served as a

            volunteer at AFVN.
Rogers  SFC, USA  1970-71

Larry Rogers    SSG, USA  1969-70
Patrick L. "Pat"
Sajak (Sajdak)    SP5, USA  Story by Don Huff, LTC, USA (Ret'd)  Pat Sajak's Transfer to AFVN

Frank J. Schachelmayer  Sgt, USMC  Photos and personnel from the early days of Det 2, Da Nang  1966-67

William "Bill" Schmitzer  SP4, USA  Saigon / Pleiku  1969-70

William A. "Bill" Seeley  SP5, USA  DJ / TV Sports  Dong Ba Thin, Nha Trang, Hon Tre  1967-68

Stephen W. "Steve" Sevits, PFC, USA  News Editor, Saigon 1963
Simons, III  Sgt, USMC  Photos from his trip to Vietnam in 2015 and the making of a documentary on AFVN.

Carlton M. "Mick" Smith  PO2, USN  Announcer  1970-71

Stephen H. Smith  SP4, USA  Saigon / Da Nang / Nha Trang  1968-70  Video from his tour with AFVN
Stephen H. 
Smith  (As  above) Additional photos from his tour with AFVN
Nancy Smoyer  American Red Cross Donut Dollie  An Khe / Da Nang / Chu Lai  1967-68  

            [Goes to AFVN History]

​Nancy Smoyer   (As above) Article published in the New York Times on June 30, 2017 titled: "Red Cross volunteer relives

            what it was like in Vietnam as a Donut Dollie"  (Note: This link goes to "Blogs/VA/gov/" version of the article. 

Nancy Smoyer   (As above)  Interviewed by Norman Schwarzkopf in "Vietnam - A Soldier Returns," a CBS Documentary

            made in 1993.   Nancy appears towards the end [at about 39:50].  

Nancy Smoyer  (As Above)   "Playing Games"  An article in the New York Times, December 5, 2017   (Scroll down a ways.)

Nancy Smoyer's Book (As above)  "Donut Dollies in Vietnam: Baby-Blue Dresses and OD Green"

Nancy Smoyer's Stories  (As above)  Ten short but very interesting stories about Nancy's time in Vietnam as well

            as while she was a volunteer for the Vietnam Wall.  Includes links to the 256th ASA/RRU, a unit Nancy often visited.

Paul Spychalski  SP4, USA   Never a member of AFVN, but Paul along with a small group of musicians came to the Saigon

           Station on July 10, 1967 to record a program.   The link goes to a photo and his story.  

Peter D. Stacker  SP4, USA  Saigon, 1969-70  Bud Lite Presents - Real Men of Genius

Paul W. Starnes  SP5, USA  Cam Ranh Bay / Hon Tre  196970  This is the story of his son, Steve Starnes,

            trying to learn more about his father after his father had passed away.  
Steinbeck IV   SP4, USA  1966  

Thom M. Steinbeck   SP5, USA  1968
Stephens  SP4, USA  178th Signal Company, 39th Signal Battalion, 1963-64  SP4 Stephens was not

           with AFVN but did work for AFRS part-time.  His story mentions various people who were with AFVN as well as

           describes some aspects of "Saigon life" in 1963-64.

Bobby L. Sullivan  TSgt, USAF  Engineer, Saigon  1966-67
William E. "Bill"
Sutphin   MGySgt, USMC  Network NCOIC, Saigon  1966-67   There are 40 or so photos

            that were on the old Geocities site which I can not access.  If anyone has copies or can access any of them somehow,

            please send them to or tell the Webmaster how to get them.

Ian Tervet   Station Manager, American Radio Services (ARS)  1973-75
Thomas  ETN2, USN  Engineering, Saigon  1971-72  Memories and photos.

Ronald L. Turner  SFC, USA  NCOIC Engineering Saigon  1971-72

Ira Leslie "Mike" Turpin  SSG, USA   A link to a story about Mike on Rick Fredericksen's blog.
Van Dyke  MSG, USA  "An Evening with Garry Lyon and Paul Van Dyke" 
 (Photos by Jim White)

Bruce A. Wahl   1LT, USA (Infantry)  OIC. Pleiku 1970
Louis A. "Lou"
Waters, Jr.   SP5, USA  Saigon / Pleiku  1968-69

Tom "Jimmy" / "Tommy" Watson  SP5, USA  Saigon  1969-70

Tony E. Webster  RM2, USN  Saigon / Quang Tri   1969-70

Edie Weller  Volunteer "Girl Friday" to the AFVN OIC  1971-72
James E. "Gene"
Wentz  LCDR, USN  Deputy Network OIC / News OIC, Saigon  1968-69   Photos
James E. "Gene"
Wentz  (As above)   The story of his tour with AFVN.  
James D. "Jim"
White  MSG, USA  Admin NCO, Saigon  1970-71   The story of his tour with AFVN.
James D. "Jim"
White  (As above)   Attending a Vietnam War Commemoration Ceremony at Camp Zama, Japan

           on May 12, 2015. 

James D. "Jim" White  (As above)   AFVN Detachment Inspection Tour, October 1970

Brian Wickham  SP5, USA   Capital Military Assistance Command  Walling BEQ Photos  1968-1969

Brian Wickham (As above)  A collection of Brian's Photo is on Google.com.

Bob Wilford  SGT, USMC  Det 3, Pleiku / Det 4,Nha Trang  1969
Billy F.
Williams   SP4, USA  Det 1, Qui Nhon / Det 2, Da Nang / Saigon  1971-72   Includes some 

            messages between Billy and Jim White at the time Billy submitted his photos.

Cedric H. Williams  SSgt, USAF  Qui Nhon / Nha trang / Pleiku  1967
Wilson   1LT, USA  OIC, Det 5, Quang Tri  1967-69

Steve Wiltsie  1LT, USA  OIC, Quang Tri / Saigon 1970-71   Home videos of Quang Tri, Da Nang and Saigon

Steve Wiltsie (As above)  National Holiday flag display

Lawrence (Larry) E. Woods  TSgt, USAF  Saigon  1969-70  Photos of AFVN Saigon  Received from his son,

             Bob Woods.

John Workman  SP4, USA  Broadcasting Engineer, Saigon  1969-70

World War Two Postcards
Woytek  CE4, Seabee  Quang Tri  1969   TV Promo Slides [Part of AFVN Organization / Quang Tri]  

Dennis also took a trip to Vietnam with some fellow SeaBees in March 2015.

Some of his photos          A short Blog about his trip        Winner in the 37th Annual TELLY Awards

Marc Yablonka  SP5, USA  Hon Tre  1970   

Robert W. Young  SSgt, USAF,   News, Tuy Hoa / Hon Tre / Saigon   1969-71

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