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Bob Anderson,  SSG, USA  

Announcer, Saigon and/or Nha Trang  (70-71)

This page is in reference to an audio tape titled Soul 70 posted on the Audio Archive page.

   From:  Rick Fredericksen
    Date:  October 28, 2015
Subject:  Unknown Newscaster

Does anyone remember this cool promo, or the "Soul 70" show itself? It is part of the Paul Starnes collection of recordings that he made at Dong Ba Thin, the AM studio that served as a sub detachment of Nha Trang (on Hon Tre Island). Paul dropped this promo into his June 17th, 1970 show. I included a little bit of Paul's voice as the promo ended and he introduced the next song. The bigger question: does anyone remember Sgt. Bob Anderson, the host of Soul 70? This sounds like it was a Vietnam-produced program, perhaps right there at Dong Ba Thin, or in Saigon. But I suppose it could have originated in LA. Anderson is not listed on our roster, and if he was one of us, his name deserves to be there with ours.  If Jim White wants to post on our site, I don't believe there are any clearances required; the music is a series of brief excerpts.  Thanks to Paul Starnes son, Steven, for providing this clip to AFVN.

[NB: Bob Anderson has been added to the AFVN roster.  Webmaster]

   From:  Fred Archibald
    Date:  December 30, 2018
Subject:  Contact Form Submission
Bob was the originator and producer of "Soul 70" in our little studio in DBT. It was sent to Saigon and broadcast from all the detachments, I think. Both SSGT Bob Anderson and Bill Blumel were great guys to work with....they made my year in RVN much easier! Bob rotated out of RVN before I did, and he wrote me in July 1971 to say he had a job with station KPRS (Kansas City, MO). I haven't heard from him since, unfortunately. I believe that this was Bob's second tour in RVN, but can't give you details of his first tour.