Since I've already embarrassed myself with an old radio picture,  I figure what the heck. 16 years old at my first radio gig,

KFSA Ft. Smith, Ar. The program director told me Bottoms was not a good air name and, influenced by the movie

Mary Poppins, he gave me the name Paul Poppins for two years.

[Taken from Facebook in July 2016.]

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Paul Bottoms,  SP5, USA  

Chu LAI / Saigon  (68-70)

Paul when at AFVN sometime between 1968 and 1970.

[Posted on Facebook by Doug Helton in April 2019.]

I have no record of Doug ever being with AFVN and he has also misnamed the station as "AAFR Saigon.

Paul in 2016.  Time changes us all.