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Note:  The Webmaster recieved a Yahoo Notice that Mark Brown had joined the group

therefore this page is somewhat a combination Photos & Stories and a Group Conversation.

    From:  Jim White

     Date:  December 28, 2015

Subject:  Welcome!

Dear "Whynotus,"
Welcome to the AFVN Yahoo Group.  Your email address leaves you rather anonymous and that is not really a problem.  However, if you were once assigned or were even a volunteer with AFVN, please go to  the roster portion of and check for your name.   Let me know if there are any errors or if you are not listed and I will make any required corrections.  If are one of our many old (or even new) fanS, then just send me a note to that effect.

    From:  Jim white

     Date:  December 29, 2015

Subject:  Welcome!

Dear Mark,
Please complete the following line so I can add you to the roster:
Brown, Marshall "Mark",  RANK?, USAF(?)  DJ, WHICH AFVN DET?,  (68)
TDY from AFTN-NKP (Thailand) to Phu Cat AB and Dong Ha  May - July 1968  Recorded a few one-hour shows for AFVN
Thanks for the response,
Jim W

Individual Photo Albums & Stories

Brown, Marshall "Mark",  EM, USA  or USAF

Broadcaster, Phu Cat  (Year Unknown)

    From:  Mark Brown

     Date:  December 28, 2015

Subject:  Welcome!

Hi Jim,

Not listed.  I am Marshall Brown (went by Mark).  I was TDY from AFTN-NKP in Thailand to Phu Cat AB May/Jun/Jul '68.  I went to AFVN HQ for orientation & spent most of my TDY between Phu Cat and Dong Ha doing hometown news interviews.  Recorded a few one hour shows for late night weekend AFVN airing while at Phu Cat. Mark