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Chris Noel -- Movie & TV Actress and

AFRTS Disk Jockey   (Page 1)

Chris was never a member of AFVN but her AFRTS programs

were very popular and she visited Vietnam a number of times.  

Therefore she deserves her own page.

An article from The Oregonian, August 4, 1985 when she was invited to attend a Vietnam Veterans of Oregon event.

1966 Photo of Chris Noel with the Troops

[Received from Dick Ellis in October, 2018.]

A Newspaper article telling about Chris Noel's problems with Hollywood after she began

to visit Vietnam on a regular basis:  Click here

Clicking on the article a few times will go to a long time line of photos and articles. 

Chris Noel's Biography on the 1MDb Website

[Taken From Facebook -- Received from by Jim White in February 2019.]

Posted on Facebook at Easter, 2015.

Undated photo of Chris posted on Facebook on February 21, 2015.

A vintage press shot of actress/Armed Forces Radio DJ/Facebook friend Chris Noel and co-star Jeremy Slate

for the 1960s TV series, THE LIEUTENANT! 
Taken from Facebook.

AFN 'darlin' keeps date with Viet vets

An August 12, 1985 Stars & Stripes article about an AFRTS interview with Chris Noel. 

A second picture of a very pretty lady -- taken from Facebook.

Another picture of a very pretty lady -- taken from Facebook.

Chris with Peter Berlin in Atlanta, November 15, 2014.

Chris with Peter Berlin in Atlanta, November 13, 2014..

Chris at Guantanamo Bay in 1969.

Miller Beer Far East Tour Video featuring Chris Noel

[Taken from Youtube in February 2018.]

National Enquirer Interview with Chris Noel

[Posted on Facebook in August 2017.

The Starlet Who Became a Soldier

An article from VT, Veterans Today Journal for June 25, 2016.

This photo may be elsewhere on this site--but it is nice enough to deserve a second showing.

[Posted on Facebook by John Bottoms in May 2017.

More information related to Chris Noel at this link:  Click here