An article from The Oregonian, August 4, 1985 when she was invited to attend a Vietnam Veterans of Oregon event.

1966 Photo of Chris Noel with the Troops

[Received from Dick Ellis in October, 2018.]

Miller Beer Far East Tour Video featuring Chris Noel

[Taken from Youtube in February 2018.]

National Enquirer Interview with Chris Noel

[Posted on Facebook in August 2017.

The Starlet Who Became a Soldier

An article from VT, Veterans Today Journal for June 25, 2016.

This photo may be elsewhere on this site--but it is nice enough to deserve a second showing.

[Posted on Facebook by John Bottoms in May 2017.

A Newspaper article telling about Chris Noel's problems with Hollywood after she began

to visit Vietnam on a regular basis:  Click here

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Chris Noel's Biography on the 1MDb Website

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More information related to Chris Noel at this link:  Click here

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Undated photo of Chris posted on Facebook on February 21, 2015.

A vintage press shot of actress/Armed Forces Radio DJ/Facebook friend Chris Noel and co-star Jeremy Slate

for the 1960s TV series, THE LIEUTENANT! 
Taken from Facebook.

AFN 'darlin' keeps date with Viet vets

An August 12, 1985 Stars & Stripes article about an AFRTS interview with Chris Noel. 

A second picture of a very pretty lady -- taken from Facebook.

Another picture of a very pretty lady -- taken from Facebook.

Chris with Peter Berlin in Atlanta, November 15, 2014.

Chris with Peter Berlin in Atlanta, November 13, 2014..

Chris at Guantanamo Bay in 1969.

Individual Photo Albums & Stories

Chris Noel -- Movie & TV Actress and

AFRTS Disk Jockey   (Page 1)

Chris was never a member of AFVN but her AFRTS programs

were very popular and she visited Vietnam a number of times.  

Therefore she deserves her own page.