It was June 8, 1969 that we lost three great guys, friends and fellow crew members at AFVN in Saigon. It’s a tribute I observe every year. Army Chaplain, Don Bartley, would record sessions in the studio. But it was time to retire so he planned a trip to DaNang as a farewell segment to a series on chaplains serving in combat zones. Then back to the States and retirement. Filming was being done by PH2 Carl Hudgins and PH2 Robert Stricklin. Writer was JO1 William Wilson. All were AFVN personnel in Saigon. There was a staff director assigned but I’ve forgotten his name, Army, I believe. I was going to assist with scene set up and any graphic requirements. A day or two before leaving, I was cancelled since there was no back-up for me at that time in the studio. My last chance to go back up-country before leaving. I was bummed. The morning they all left, the director overslept and missed the flight at Than Son Nhut. He came to the station and he and I tried to come up with a better story for him. At that point, Colonel Nash came in and proceeded to tell us that the entire party was picked up in DaNang and killed by a mine shortly after leaving the airbase. No one survived. These were close friends, guys we worked with every day, cared about. Gone. Want to talk about survivor guilt? A few days later (June 14), this ran in Stars & Stripes. Can’t let these three guys be forgotten. If anyone remembers this, and the director’s name, I’d like to be reminded.

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Doug Offenbacher  Sgt, USMC  

Graphic Artist, Saigon 1968-69