I was a "volnteer2 with AFVN at Tuy Hoa Air Base and was an organizer of FM Tuy Hoa, a "pirate" radio station there.  Our radio station was in two connected Conex containers and our equipment was scrounged, with the hear of the station a purlioned Signal Corps transmitter in 1968 and 1969.   When [the] AFVN Channel was shorthanded I volunteered (they really had to twist my arm, ya know") to do the 2200 "live" newscast.  What a treat. 

I joined the list to find some buddies at the station, especially Bob Samuels (Army), Howard Fuller (USAF & NCOIC), and Howard Bowen (USAF, our engineer).  Sadly I learned o Don Dalton's passing fom this site.  Another name I remember was Willicam Carl Stock, aka BIll (USA).

I live in Houston, Texas now...and had a lengthy radio career at KAYC and KLVI in Beaumont, Texas, before graduating from college, getting a CPA certificate, and eventually ending up teaching accounting and economics at Lamar University and Lamar Institute of Technology for 22 years.  Now I"m working with United Airlines in my "semi-retirement" job.  I'm a German speaker in Reservations.  It keeps an old guy busy 20 hours per week!

You might want to know that one of the AFVN staffers there was Bob Young (USAF) who served several terms as Mayor of Augusta, Georgia.  Bob is no connected with the U.S. Department of Urban Housing and Development.

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Roger "Roger Dodger" Dimick, USAF

Roger was a volunteer part-time announcer with the Tuy Hoa Detachment