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Bob Morecook


Ron, As you find things you may post them to Facebook if you wish but I would also like you to send them to me at Webmaster@AFVNVETS.net. The reason for this is that Facebook is huge and not dedicated to just AFVN. The website I maintain for the group (AFVNVETS.net) is also large, but basically restrited to AFVN information and items. Thanks.

Jim White​​

I'm hoping someone has more pictures of Dong Ba Thin and the studio.  In the summer of 1969 I was transferred to Pleiku and was homeward bound in September.  


Ron, here's a story on Dong Ba Thin.

Audio Letters from Vietnam War

All his life, Steven Starnes, who lives in northern Iowa, was told to stay away from his father’s collection of old audio tapes.  After being boxed up for two generations, the recordings have been brought back to life unlocking a love affair that goes back to the Vietnam War.

Rick Fredericksen

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​I hope you heard the audio too Ron, very emotional.  We were in Nam at the same time, [spen] my last couple months in Nha Trang.


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​Hi Rick. I read this whole story and was reminded of my time here. I had the opportunity to call home on a few occasions from this studio.  My wallpaper on my home computer is a photo taken of the front of the "hootch."  My room was at the back across from the shower and bunker.

Ron DuFault

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When I arrived at Dong Ba Thin the radio studio was in the transmitter building.  We built the studio that you see SP5 Starnes in from scratch and all the electronics was wired by SP5 Bob Mottaz and LT Bill Bozarth.


Individual Photo Albums & Stories

Ron Dufault,  SP5, USA  

Nha Trang - Dong Ba Thin / Pleiku   (68-69)

Starnes son, Steven will probably see your post. He's in Iowa and a former National Guard soldier.



Thanks, Mr. Rick from a South Vietnamese living in Canada.

Minh Tam Dang


(​Taken from Facebook ​​​April, 2017)

Thank you Mr. Morecook for allowing me to become a member of this group. I really enjoyed talking to you and discussing the AFVN members that I had the privilege of serving with during my tour in Vietnam.  I was assigned to Detachment 4 at Dong Ba Thin from 1968 to 1969.  I am trying to gather as much information about these times and as I come across items I will post them to this site. Again many thanks.

​Ron Dufault

​Hi Bob,  I misplaced that information regarding the yahoo group could you please send that information again.