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Rick Fredericksen, Cpl, USMC    (Page 3) 

Saigon / Hon Tre (1969-70)

After completing his military service, Rick continued to work as a news correspondent in the Far East and South-East Asia so some of

these photos were taken after the Vietnam War ended.

Rick's First Morning News Broadcast in Honolulu - October 23, 1983

Posted by Rick Fredericksen in May 2015

Saigon 1969: 19 year old U.S. Marine, Rick Fredericksen

Ppsted on Facebook by Paul Blizzard, January 2020

Rick after Boot Camp and after he had arrived at DINFOS for Advanced Training

He wrote:  On this date, I entered the Marine Corps. Seen here at my first assignment after boot camp: broadcasting school (DINFOS) in Indianapolis (1968).  Marines never forget the day their lives changed forever on arrival for basic training.  I don't look like a trained killer.

[Posted on Facebook in October 2020.]​​

"After the Hanoi Hilton"

by Rick Fredericksen

(Originally published about seven years ago.)

Fraud, fakery, even animal bones were used to hoax the search for Vietnam POWs and MIAs.  "After the Hanoi Hilton" is now UPDATED with fresh content and photos.  A short read and digital only.  This link accommodates all devices.
Also on Amazon.

Posted on Facebook by Rick Fredericksen, July 30, 2019