Three sections totaling 53 minutes.

  • Go Phase 1 and 2 Jan 31, 196816:58
  • Go Phase 1 and 2 Jan 31, 1968 - 218:29
  • Go Phase 1 and 2 Jan 31, 1968 - 317:05

  • News at 2000 on January 31, 19683:17

Individual Photo Albums & Stories

J. B.   Sgt, USAF  

Tan Son Nhut Air Base  (68)

  • Grammy Awards, 196713:51
  • Grammy Awards, 1967-214:09

  • Army Aviation Song1:13

  • Sounds of War9:41
  • Sounds of War - 29:53

Two sections totaling 28 minutes.

Results of a Poll of Soldiers in the Field

(Stars & Stripes, 1967 or 1968)

  • Obey Traffic Laws1:03

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  • News at 1800 on January 31, 19688:03

  • News at 2100 on January 31, 19686:07

Two sections totaling 26 minutes.

  • PA - Brushing Your Teeth0:31

Slide Show
6 Photos

  • Hello Chuyen3:24

  • Joint Memorial Service 1:30

J.B. was a Sgt, USAF at Tan Son Nhut Air Base in 1968.   He sent me the following items in August 2016.

I did ask who he was but he replied that he wished to remain anonymous while, at the same time, making

these items available to other veterans of the Vietnam War.  I agreed to respect his privacy.  Webmaster

The following Audio is from during and shortly after TET 1968.

Two sections totaling 19 minutes.

  • The Flower Children15:09
  • The Flower Children - 29:05

  • Security Announcement1:29

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