Paul Kasper Working as a DJ

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What does the Country Owe the Soldiers? 
By Bob Nelson and Paul Kasper​​

Pandora's  Box

A short fictional novel about a Vietnam Veteran taking on a drug smuggling ring.

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Individual Photo Albums & Stories

Paul Kasper  SSG, USA 

9th Infantry Division  1968


A book relating Paul's experiences in Vietnam

Nightmares will keep you wanting to read more. If you never truly understood what a soldier went thru during the Vietnam war, this will give you a good idea.  This is about a unit of the 9th Infantry Division.  The unit goes on patrol looking for Viet Cong or NVA regulars. They are put under fire and lost members while out. They learned to survive both mentally and physically, as death on both sides of the war could happen at any moment.  Yes, it is a fiction!  The names were also changed, but it is based on facts.  You will go on patrol with these young men, age range of 18-24, as they become exposed to the horrors of war.  Their lives were changed forever, then returned home to supposedly forget it.  I lost many friends who became Brothers in Vietnam.  Some were shot, some were taken by booby traps, now called IED’s.  We continue dying now due to age and exposure to Agent Orange since returning home. Agent Orange (is a blanket term for 15 chemicals used as a defoliant) a large variety of illnesses such as various cancers, diabetes and many more deadly diseases are a side effect of our exposure.

National Radio Show Interview with Paul about his book, "Nightmares."

Paul wrote to apologize for the poor video due to using Skype for the interview. 

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Paul's Jeep

Yes, Sir, this is my jeep.  I drive it regularly--its beeen in parades, displayes for vertern programs, etc.  I have had it for 30 years. If you can enlarge the photo, the guns on the trailer are all wood that I made. I hae been  thinking about selling it and getting a 40's or 50's car.  Okay, Sir, I hope you enjoy my book.  Everyone who had read it said that they could not put it down and enjoyed it.

Paul, Your Old Friend,

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A young Paul Kasper when he was with the 9th Infantry Division in 1968

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Scale Military APC Model- the M132 Armored Flame Thrower

Paul Kasper made a scale model of a Flame Thrower-equipped Armored Personnel Carrier (M113)

He was never with AFVN but was in Vietnam as a member of a flame-thrower-equipped Armored

Personnel Carrier (APC) team (9th Infantry Division).  During his tour, he became quite a avid AFVN fan

and, over the past several years has helped greatly in providing information on AFVN and with this website.  

You may know him from his email name,  "parkertwo."  This link goes to a story about him constructing

a scale model APC--and now you know what he does in his spare time.  

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