The following are links to various websites that contain information about Bobbie Keith​, 

AFVN's second "Weather GIrl" from 1967 to 1969.  Unfortunately, the original page was

hi-jacked or otherwise deleted from AFVNVETS.NET and I have had to whatever I could

towards replicating it as best possible.  

-- Some References --

"Interview of Bobbie Keith, the Weathergirl" on The History Net  ​​       Click Here

Go to Video Archives on this website for some video of Bobbie.          Click Here

For a clipping from the Cavalair, the First Air Cav's newspaper             Click Here

And, finally, here is a ​picture of Bobbie as "Santa's Helper"                   Click Here

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​You can find more references by entering "Bobbie Keith" in your browser.

Individual Photo Albums & Stories

Barbara "Bobbie" Keith, USAID

AFVN Weather Girl, Saigon  1967-69