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Some Information Regarding the Building of Det 2, Da Nang

Frank set the following with his photos (below).


Prior to deployment to Viet Nam the following personal went to the defense contractors

for equipment inspection and training. (late summer of 1966): 

Captain Donald Leach, USMC

MSGT Paul Shaner, USMC

GYSGT Daniel Dewlewski, USMC CPL

SGT Frank Schachelmayer, USMC 

The following personal were the original members and builders of Station (Det.) 2, Da Nang:


Captain Donald Leach, USMC

MSGT Paul Shaner, USMC

GYSGT Daniel Dewlewski. USMC


GYSGT John Holsomback. USMC 

SSGT Charles Fisher, USA

SGT Frank Schachelmayer, USMC    

SGT Howard Shinrock, USMC

SGT  David Debolt. USMC

SGT Mike Frazier. USMC

A3C Bob Schwartz, USAF  * 

* I believe that SGT Bob Swartz, USAF, listed in AFVN Roster - S, is a typo.

SSGT Herbert Richardson, USMC and Sgt John Deemer, USMC must have been assigned after I rotated Stateside.

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Frank J. Schachelmayer, Sgt, USMC 

Engineer, Det 2, Da Nang 1966-67