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William "Bil" Schmitzer,  Sp4, USA  

Engineer, Saigon  (69-70)

Message dated August 23, 2019

Jim & Jerry........So I did a little clicking around on the website last nite, and I was shocked--shocked I tell you to find: ME.  Where ever did you find some of that information, not to mention the fish pic and my usual line about "11 months 11 days......"????? and the picture talking on the KWM2 radio.  I have a print of that ..... somewhere. I don't think there are many photos of my time in-country.  So here's one of the little "flesh" stories: i "starred" in the famous pot spot.  Typecast even in Vietnam. the spot was written, produced, and directed by Paul Baldridge, although I changed one line: "Don't bring me down...."  I don't remember the name of the other character.  He was an administrative type.  That spot made it all the way back to the Pentagon.  When the guys i worked with in the Army TV studio saw it, they just jumped up and down and screamed "That's Bil, that's Bil."  They saved me a copy, which I can no longer find.  But I do remember showing it to the friends and folks back home.  They laughed a lot.  It was also seen by some high-ranking officer (a general, i think), who was really pissed. "Who are those men?  I wan to know who they are."  Blah blah blah, something about no military honors for them, etc., etc.  "Uhhhhh, General, it's a movie." "Oh."
See you next weekend if things work out....


Message dated August 23, 2019

Jim------Hi, I'm Bil Schmitzer. i was with AFVN January '69 to December '69. about 8 months in Saigon and 4 months at the Pleiku Detachment.  I've been looking at your website; is the reunion in Minneapolis truly on?  Maybe a strange question, but there's been so much weird stuff going around on the 'net I have to ask.  I was going to be in Minneapolis for another mini high school reunion this weekend, but I've kind of blown that.  i would like to come up to the AFVN reunion. I can add some flesh to some of the AFVN history that I don't see on the website. (I suppose, like many, there's a lot I just haven't wanted to deal with. 50 years on may be time).  Some one of these days, I'll just need to sit down and put it "on paper."   I look forward to hearing from you.

Bil Schmitzer

Message dated August 23, 2019

Will keep your story on file and get it posted--perhaps not too far in the future.  I can not claim credit/responsibility for your story and photos on the MACOI site.  That site is run by Joe and Chu Green.  I run just the AFVNVETS site
Could you please fill out the attached and get it to Jerry Nelson as soon as possible.   His email address is above.   If nothing else, just list the data in a message to him.  Otherwise you may go hungry during the dinner.
See you soon,
Jim W