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Paul Spychalski  SP4, USA  

Musician, Cu Chi  1967

I would love to find the tape of this show to show my Grand Kids. They flew us from Cu Chi to tape this show. I saw it myself on TV in Cu Chi. Please help me find it. Thank You Paul Spychalski July 10,1967 Saigon AFVN TV. I tried to post a photo of it and our orders, but it wouldn't let me do it here.  Pat Sajak was there in '68 and when he and Wheel of Fortune was in Chicago at Navy Pier.  i wanted him to see the picture thinking he might be able to tell me where to find that tape.  I gave it to a female stage manager.  That's the last I saw of it or Pat.  Oh well.  Here's the picture, I'm playing sax.

[NB:  Paul was never with AFVN but  is an example of the many times AFVN hosted and broadcast various musical groups throughout South Vietnam.   Webmaster]