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Bobby L. Sullivan TSgt USAF 

Engineer,  Saigon  (66-67)  

I can't compete but I'm going to toss my two cents into the pot just for fun. 
I was stationed at Evreux AB, France from August 1956 until August 1960.  We listened to AFN broadcasting from Germany.  But the French finally allowed low powered FM transmitters to be installed on the bases.  No local studios.  Programming came from Germany.  My first involvement with AFRS as more than a listener was when I climbed the 90 foot tall pole and installed the simple turnstile antenna.  I was a ground radio repairman with base communications.  So, a job for AFN in probably 1958 or 1959, I don't remember exactly when, was my first but I don't qualify because I wasn't actually assigned to them. 
My first AFRS assignment came when a bunch of us were rounded up and sent to Saigon to build the TV station in January 1966.  I spent a good part of that year working radio while waiting for the TV equipment to arrive to build the big station. 
Just when I was expecting orders for a return to VN in 1972 I was sent to Thule, Greenland and was assigned as Chief Engineer of Radio and TV.  I would have rather have been back in Saigon. 
Bobby Sullivan, CMSgt (Ret) USAF