(The following was received from Bob Morecook on July 30, 2014.)

Comments by Ian Tervet made at various times between 1965 and 1975:

I was at Phu Lam from September 1965 through the Vietnam turnover in 1973.   I was with the PC Engineering Group before I worked for the Vietnam Broadcasting Network and then was appointed to the VFR as station manager in 1972 through 1975.  [sic.  "appointed to the American Radio Service (ARS) as station manager in 1973 through 1975."]  The last assignment was terminated by the entrance of the VC to Saigon, [and] with my departure by chopper at 2030 hours on the last night of April 1975. 

From 1972 [sic. 1973?] to 1975 Phu Lam was an ARVAN signal site and not used by [the] USA for anything.  After 1975 the VC walked all over the place and now there are apartments growing in the tropo fields.

The things that I remember about Phu Lam is [sic. are]: I was assigned to Phu Lam as the quality supervisor and ran the entire tropo network from there to Warin and Da Nang rounding the loop. 

In March of 1972 [sic. 1973], the 2nd in charge at the embassy told me that if I wanted to stay in country it had to be on their terms.   I asked what are there [sic. their] terms?  He said that I would be satisfied with the results.  I was--I ended up as station manager of the 9 Hong Tap Tu FM Station and TV Station.  For the next two years I rebuilt the AFVN network with 10 watt FM Stations at Da Nang, Nha Trang and Qui Nion [sic. Nhon], and Phon Pemh.  Ian W7DIR.  [His ham radio call sign.]

Later that same day, Bob Morecook wrote that he has spoke with Ian:

He lives in California.  He's not in the best of health andmay or may not be able to make it to the reunion.  I talked to his son also who is a sharp commercial photographer.  Ian has had many good years since Vietnam, and brought his wife, Kim to the USA; and he proudly brags of 49 good years of ongoing marriage. 

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