CWO McDonald and others discussing the future of the Nha Trang facilities in April 1972.

Ron Turner - Memories of Vietnam

A four-page memo plus a copy of a Travel Authorization received in May 2019.

Individual Photo Albums & Stories

Ron Turner  SFC, USA

NCOIC, Engineering, Saigon  (71-72)

 The following links go to several PDF documents related to AFVN Engineering Section.  

 Psychological Warfare Medal

Along with other AFVN members, Ron Turner was awarded the Psychological Warfare Medal, Second Class

by the Ministry of Education, Government of South Vietnam on March 31, 1972.

AFVN Engineering

An effort to identify and reate a record of some of the known happenings involving AFVN Engineering

during the time Rom Turner was assigned there (September 1971 to May 1972).