In TV Studio A at AFVN, Saigon, in 1970.  Paul Magers, now anchor, CBS TV, Los Angeles and me on the right.

[Posted on Facebook by Tom Watson on April 12, 2013.]

​The identification of the person on the left as Paul Magers is rather doubtful.   The Webmasters did find a Paul Magers

as having retired from KCBS in 2017 as the age of 63.  That means he was born in 1954 and would have been 16 if he

was with AFVN in 1970.  I don't think the military was to the point of "robbing the cradle" at that time. 

​Therefore I have not added Paul to the AFVN Roster.  Webmaster

Individual Photo Albums & Stories

Tom "Jimmy" / "Tommy" Watson,  Sp5, USA  

Saigon  (69-70)

Titled "Tom Watson in the original 'Good Morning, Vietnam' Studio."

[Posted by Tom on Facebook.]  

Somewhat doubtful, however, becauase Adrian Cronauer who started the tradition was with AFVN in 1965-66 before AFVN

had moved to the new headquarters and Tom was with AFVN in 1969-70, well after the move had been completed.  Webmaster

Acompanying Legend is "Tommy.Jimmy".... On the Air in Vietnam on AFVN Saigon in 1969"

 "The Original Studio & Home of 'Good Morning, Vietnam' which later was done by

Wheel of Fortune Pat Sajak....6 to 9 every morning."

[Posted by Tom on Facebook, April 6 2013.]  

Again, a rather doubtful legend for the same reason as above--

plus the two photos don't appear to show the same studio.   Webmaster