[This was taken from Facebook in August 2020.]

This is the normal flag display I put on the house for any national holiday.  Thought you would like to see it.

Looks like we will have nice weather from now through Labor Day.  This almost never happens.  Usually when I put up all the flags, I have to take them down later the same day or the next due to a storm.  Not this time--hopefully.

The flags, from closest to furthest are:

The Flag of the United States of Ameria

The Flag of the State of Indiana

The Flag of the Army of the United States of America (for his father, a WWII Vet and himself, a Vietnam Vet)

The Flag of the Navy of the United States of America (for his wife's father, also a WWII Vet)

The Vietnam Veterans' Flag

The Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Flag

Individual Photo Albums & Stories

Steve Wiltsie  1LT, USA  

OIC, Quang Tri / Saigon  (70-71)