​While never in the service in the traditional sense, he became a member of as the California State Military Reserve,

a support brigade to the National Guard and USAR, he was 50 (!) after 9-11.  Served as a PAO (rank CW2), covering

mobilizations and demobilizations of our guys and gals headed to and coming back from

Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Saudi Arabia. 

Individual Photo Albums & Stories

Marc Yablonka, Author of Several Books Related to Vietnam

but never assigned to AFVN or in Vietnam During the War

Marc is the author of "Vietnam Bao Chi: Warriors of Word and Film."

​It is available through 



Scan of the paper cover.

Escape from Vietnam -- Vietnamese Grandmothers' Story 

From my writer friend, Marc Liebman down in TX (Vietnam and Gulf War 1 USN helo pilot).

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?


Am at a Kroger in Fort Worth with a table to sell books as part of the Kroger Texas Author’s program…  Anyway, this Asian woman comes up to my table and looks at my hat which says Vietnam and Desert Storm Combat Veteran. She looks at my books and picks up Big Mother 40.

Woman – “You fly in Vietnam?” (Her English is accented, but understandable)

Me – “Yes.”

Woman – “Army?”

Me – “No, Navy.”

Woman – “Ahhhhhhh, Navy saved me, my family. We left by boat in December 1974 to get away from communists. Navy helicopter picked up.”

Me – I bowed slightly, “I wasn’t there, but I’m glad we were able to help.”

Woman – She holds out Big Mother 40. “This book about Vietnam?”

Me – “Yes…” I give her a quick synopsis.

Woman – “I buy. What other books about Vietnam?”

Me – I point to Cherubs 2 and tell her about the book, particularly about the hero’s Laotian girlfriend and then I mention her escape from a Laotian re-education is in Moscow Airlift. She picks up a copy of the book an puts it in her pile. She points to Forgotten  and I give her a brief synopsis. Her eyes get wide open when I describe the NVA colonel running the opium processing camp in North Vietnam and holding Americans for later ransom.

Woman – “I take, you sign all books?”

Me – “Sure…  Before I say another word…

Woman – “Husband pilot in Vietnam Air Force, flew T-28 and A-1. Communists put him in re-education camp, but he killed two guards and escaped. Came home while me and two children being loaded on truck to take to different camp. Kills guards, take truck then steal boat and we go out to sea. Rather die than live under communists. All you write is true.  Communists very bad.  Give books to grandchildren and make them read so they understand. Have too easy in U.S.”

Her husband flew for Braniff and then Southwest before he retired. We talked for a few more minutes and what this boils down to is that she is afraid her grandchildren won’t understand what it like to live in a socialist or communist state. She mentioned AOC who one of her granddaughters idolizes and said, “Woman stupid and talks nonsense.”
Marc Liebman

Author of: "Cherubs 2"

He is currently writing a book on the history of AFVN.

​On April 13, 2019, Marc was interviewed on the Frontlines of Freedom Radio show.

To listen to it, click here.  Marc's portion is during the first 20 minutes of the 42-minute show.

(Hopefully, i'll be getting more information from Marc.)

Gene Price -- Country DJ Relates to GI's

Stars and Stripes Article by Marc Yablonka, Date Unknown

[Received from Marc Yablonka in May 2019.]

SOFREP Radio Interview with Marc Yablonka about his Book "Vietnam Bao Chi"

[Received from Marc Yablonka on February 9, 2019]