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​​Was the AFVN Main Station Located Within the Old Saigon Citadel?
July 2015
This goes to a couple of messages and some links to maps submitted by Mike McNally.  He discusses the idea that the AFVN Saigon Station was located inside the area of the original French Saigon Citadel. 

Weather Girl Cartoon

[Taken from Facebook, November 2018.]

We Gotta Get Out of This Place
A 1965 hit single by The Animals.  It has become an iconic song of its type and was immensely popular 
among United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam War.  It was also most likely banned from AFVN. ​

Women in Wartime, A Donut Dolly --  Holly Watts

Holly Watts was a Red Cross Volunteer and part-time AFVN DJ, 1966-7