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Pat Sajak on AFVN - 1968

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Click on "click here to hear AFVN Pat Sajak 1968" a ways below his photo.

Download the program and then play with your favorite MP3 player. 

Pat Sajak - On National Public Radio

Pat Sajak talks about his background upon the 30th Anniversary of "The Wheel of Fortune."

It includes a nice mention of his Saigon time.

[Submitted by Rick Fredericksen on May 6th, 2013.]

Pat Sajak talks about being assigned to AFVN

This link goes to AFRTS Archive AFVN Pat Sajak

In this 2-minute clip Pat Sajak (SP5, USA) about his assignment to and serving with AFVN.

[Submitted by Paul Kasper.]

Security Procedures for Mortar Attack

An AFVN letter of instructions on what to do in case of a mortar attack, dated May 16, 1967.

South Vietnamese Television Station

Some photos of the "television station next door."

November 3, 2015

[Submitted by Mike McNally.]

A comment by 

"Equipment was about the same but  ours next door was a lot better organized."

A comment by Rick Fredericksen:

"This is the first time I've ever seen the inside.  You find some neat stuff, Michael."

Television Reception - Making your own Outdoor Antenna

​Published by the AFVN Engineering Branch

[Received from Ron Turner,  January 2020]

Through the Soldiers' Ears

What Americans Fighting in

Vietnam Heard and Its Effects.

A Study of Former AFVN Members and Rochester,

New York Veterans by Christopher C. Sabis,

History Honors Thesis, University of Rochester, April 28, 2000.

(A) Tribute to Our Vietnam Veterans

AFVN:  The GI's Companion

This is a summary of a 10-hour special program on AFVN presented by

Station AM WEBY in Milton Florida in November 201 primarily through the

efforts of Harry Simons who was Marine Corps Sergeant with AFVN in 1967-69.

As part of his preparations for the program he traveled in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

and was able to take some photos of the inside of the AFVN Main Station.

The above goes to a PDF File about the special.  Click here to hear the 10-hour special. 

Also see Harry Simon's Photos and Stories page.

AFVN Main Station, Saigon -- Then and Now

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