AFN - American Forces Network

75 Years of Service

About 1/3rd of the way down is a summary of how the name has changed over the years.  

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[Found on Facebook by Jim White, April 2021l.]

AFN in Europe, A Short History - Democracy on a Dial

AFN was radio at its best.

[Posted by the National WWII Museum.]

AFRTS, History of:  The First 50 Years (Full Text)

The full text of "the History of AFRTS: The First 50 years

[Found on Facebook by Jim White, March 2020.]

AFVN - Meaningful to the GIs and the Vietnamese

This goes to a link to an article in the Chicago Tribune by Jerry Davich dated February 9, 2020, about

George Dzyacky and his friend Yung Nguyen, who he knew in Vietnam in 1968, going back to Vietnam.

It also includes some photos related to Vietnam taken in 1968.

[Submitted by Jim White, February 2020.]

​​​​​​​​​American Forces Network (AFN) - 75th Anniversary

This link goes to an excerpt from the Stars & Stripes for May 26th, 2017

in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the American Forces Network.

[Submitted by Jim White, May 2017.]

​​American Forces Network, Pacific

This link goes to a web page maintained by American Forces Network, Pacific.

Some of you might find it interesting to see what AFVN's distant relative looks like today.

American Forces Network (AFN), Short History

This is a short, undated history of AFN starting with the establishment of the Armed

ForcesRadio Service in 1942 and continuing until sometime in the late 1970's.  

[Received from Paul Kasper, 2013]

American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS), History

[From Digital Deli Online]

American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) Television Journal

Full Newscast (approximately one hour) from March 1, 1970.

[Posted on Vietnam War History Org by Tony Holden in June 2018]

American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS), History (Youtube)​

Part 1           Part 2

American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) Celebrates 75th Anniversary

This link goes to a short article in Radio World.

[Received from Dick Downes, August 2017]

American Forces Radio Network and Schools

The video is somewhat dated but the text appears to be up to date.

[Received July 2016]

American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) Army Meritorious Unit Commendation

This is a copy of Dept. of the Army General Orders No. 5, dated 5 February 1973.

See page 5 for information on the dates and detachments involved.

Also go here for information on who is qualified to wear this decoration.

American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation

This is a copy of Dept. of the Army General Orders No. 8, dated 19 March 1974.

The first page is on the award of the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation to

the U.S. Military Assistance Command,  and its subordinate units (to include AFVN) to all

personnel who served in Vietnam between February 8, 1962, and March 28, 1973.

The decoration can be ordered from US Military

American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN)'s Influence in the Field

I thought you'd enjoy this.  I got this from a retired Marine Gunny I know.

"I remember it was August of 1970. My squad of Marines and I were on Patrol during monsoon rain.
I had a, small transistor radio attached to the top of my backpack covered with a small plastic bag.
The rain was pouring pretty heavily. That when the song "War" by the Temptations and a song by Edwin Starr came on.
I cranked up the radio and the squad and I boogied across that rice paddy like a bunch of insane lunatics.

Thank God for those Armed Forces Radio Jocks. They brought a piece of home to us now and then.

Semper Fi!

[Received from John Noble in August 2016.]

Another Good Morning from Vietnam

by Paul Cameron, 1st Infantry Division, 1969

[Submitted by Forest Brandt, March 28, 2103.]

AFRTS' 50th Anniversary, May 7, 1992 - News Release

[Submitted by Lou Waters via Bruce Wahl]

AFRTS By the Year

An unofficial list showing ARFTS and music over the years.

Prepared by Tom Whetston

Armed Forces Radio Service Started in 1943

[Received from Mike Jackson in March 2017.]


Bleath," performed by Kimo Williams

[Submitted by Rick Fredericksen.]

AFVN newsman Phil Henry (SP5, USA, 1970) "stars" in this song from recording artist Kimo Williams and his big band, Kimotion.  With permission, the cut is from William's War Stories album.  A Vietnam Vet himself, Kimo founded the "Lt. Dan Band" with Gary Sinise (who played "Lt. Dan" in the movie, "Forrest Gump"), and even recorded a program in the AFVN studios in 1970 when he toured across Vietnam with his Army band, the "Soul Coordinators."  The song "Bleath" opens with a familiar AFVN sound logo, and

Phil Henry makes a brief appearance half-way through.

Kimo Williams is featured an article by Rick Fredericksen in the April 2014 issue of Vietnam Magazine,

which is available by subscription though this link as well as is sold at various bookstores.

(While it may be withdrawn at a future date, as of September 29, 2014, Vietnam Magazine was being offered in

both print and as a digital file for $29.95.   (The regular price for one or the other is $26.95.)

Or, you may go directly to the article at Kimo Williams by Rick Fredericksen (above).

(The) Brass Button Broadcasters

Part 1          Part 2

Blogs are written by Dan Slentz

Dan was with the European Broadcast Squadron (EBS), HQ Ramstein, Germany and with

Det 6, AFEBS, out of Torrejon Air Base, Madrid, Spain from July 1986 to November 1989. 

He was an E-4 791X1 (Broadcaster) upon discharge.

Broadcasting During the Vietnam Era

February 2011 at the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond, VA.

Videos from a panel discussion with Adrian Cronauer, Paul Bottoms, both of AFVN,

and Tony Booth who was AFKN.

C-130 - Escape from South Vietnam

Story of the South Vietnam Air Force Pilot who Escaped just before the Fall of Saigon.

[Received from Marc Yablonka.]

Chickenman (The Best of)

A very popular short program broadcast on AFVN.

[From Youtube]

Colonel Robert Cranston - Tribute to

As Officer-in-Charge of the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service in Los Angeles,

Colonel Cranston planned and put into operation the basic concepts for the

American Forces Vietnam Network.

[Submitted by MSgt Norm Medland, USAF (Ret'd) in February 2013.]

(Chuck) Connors' Visit to AFVN

[Received from Mike McNally in June 2016.]

Defense Information School Celebrates 50 Years of Training

A short article on the 50th Anniversary of the DINFOS.  

Included here because so many AFVN'ers passed through its doors.

[Link received from Bob Morecook on February 9th, 2015.] 

Defense Information School - 50th Anniversary Video

[Taken from Facebook, posted in 2015.]

Educating the Troops

Shaping Consensus with "Democratic Propaganda"

by Stacy Takacs

It starts with a discussion of the 1968 TV election coverage at AFVN

Published in "Oklahoma Humanities," [pp. 28 to 31]  Fall | Winter 2020  University of Oklahoma

Former Military Broadcasters Facebook Group

This is an "open group" site that anyone may join.  I don't know who started the group but the top photo has a sign in the background saying "War&Navy Departments" which means that it was taken before the division of the War Department into the Department of the Army and the Department of the Air Force in September 1947.    Webmaster

"Good Morning Vietnam" 

Was there anything funny about the Vietnam War?   Robin Williams thought so.

Written by Rick Frederiksen

Posted with permission of Vietnam Magazine.

[Received from Rick Fredericksen.] 

Good Morning Vietnam Coffee

[Received from Rick Fredericksen, February 2018.] 

Good Morning Vietnam

[Taken from Facebook, December 2018.]

Eight-Plus Minute Youtube Video Clip

[September 2018]

Guadalcanal AFN During World War Two

AFRTS Celebrates 75th Anniversary

[Posted on Facebook by Dick Downes, August 22, 2017.]

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