By Paul Cameron, 1st Infantry Division, 1969

Another Good Morning From Vietnam!

Looks like another beautiful day

Here in sunny Vietnam to play

Your favorite tunes brought to you

By way of AFVN and the DJ crew

From dawn to dusk every day

AFVN over the air comes your way

Spinning your Top 40 with the news

Some rock, country, jazz, and blues

Whether you're behind a machine gun

Or buried in paperwork to get done

Groove to some music on the AFVN dial

It's 1969 and you've not heard these in a while

The weather's not going to change real soon

Charlie's been scarce during the monsoons

Relax and turn up the volume for the next hour

Some blasts from the past for the guys in the tower

It's been raining rockets all week in Lai Khe

So here's requests for all of you up that way

'I Wish It Would Rain' and 'Good Vibrations'

Time to sign off now from all AFVN stations

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(American Forces Vietnam Network)

Another Good Morning Vietnam

Submitted by Forrest Brandt, March 28, 2013