Soundtrack of the Vietnam War -- Vietnam at 50-1966

A four-page article about music during the Vietnam War.

It makes references to AFVN at the bottom of the second page.

Submitted by:  Jim White, November 14, 2016

During the intervening 40 years, the biggest winner appears to be the Vietnamese TV Station.  It was once a two or three story building but today it is a multi-story building with a broadcasting tower on top.  The biggest looser (other than some of the AFVN buildings) may be the trees which were across the street.  

AFVN Saigon - 2015

[Copied from Google Earth]

One can still see the AFVN Saigon Headquarters and Studio Building but it appears that everything else has been torn down.  I think that the old tower was moved to just behind the Old Saigon Post Office located beside the downtown plaza.  

AFVN Saigon - 1968 or 1969

[Photo furnished by Gene Wentz]

The building in the lower right is the Vietnamese TV station.  The AFVN Saigon Headquarters and Studio building is clearly marked.  The small building behind it and next to the tower was the generator building.  Not sure what the slight larger building behind it was. The three quonset huts to the right of the compound were used by the Supply Section, and the small building at the very back was the snack bar.

Vietnam -- 40 Years Later

April 30, 2015 was the 40th Anniversary of the fall of Saigon.

As a result, a number of articles and other items

 related to South Vietnam and Saigon were published.

The following is most likely only a small sampling.

Forty years on from the fall of Saigon: witnessing the end of the Vietnam War

Some really neat vignettes contained in this well written article.

Received from:  Rick Fredericksen
Date:  April 23, 2015
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