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Another Good Morning VietnamBy Paul Cameron, 1st Infantry Division, 1969  (Received from Forrest Brandt)

Anti-Vietnam War Protests at Ohio State - Forrest's Recollections of Being There

Apple Season Approacheth -           Forrest's Experience with German Apfel Saft

Birthdays -                                           Forrest's Birthday Memories

Bringing Dad and the Uncles Home - Memories of Relatives and Friends who went to War

Day of Infamy, 7 December 1941 - The Story of Forrest's Family

Fifty Years Ago -                                   Forrest's Arrival in Vietnam

Line of Duty Investigations -             Non-Combat Related Deaths in Vietnam

Meeting with the Estimable PIO of JUSPAO - Still Vietnam, but a Different World

Memories of 1968 -                            Forrest's recollections of a tumultuous year

Memories of Past Students -            A FaceBook give and  take. 

November 22, 1963 -                          John Kennedy's Assassination   

Our Turn                                                  Poem by Forrest on Relating War Experiences

(A) Soldier's Refrain - Going Home   Poem heard on Morning Edition, PBS

                                                                        A July 27, 2019, Facebook Posting related to the above

The Christmas Stone -                        Story of a Gift from a Student Who Didn't Have Much

Veterans Day -                                      A Soldier's Refrain: Going Home

                                                                         This story led to a discussion of the Army "Shorts" uniform.  Click Here

War Story                                              Which Flag to Raise?

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Forrest Brandt、  1LT, USA  

KLIK / IO, 1st Div  (68-69)