Across the street from the entrance to the former AFVN Saigon compound.  Remember that on the right side of this
picture was the Vietnamese station and the chain link went down the center of the driveway separating the two facilities.
This picture shows what appears to be a new building in its place.  However, the original Vietnamese station remains
enclosed inside a new addition and facade constructed around the old building.
Only the roof of the old building is visible on the extreme top right of the picture.Type your paragraph here.

I’m being briefly detained and sternly informed that I was not allowed to take pictures in this location in front of the
US Consulate building located on the exact same property of the former US Embassy in Saigon.
 But the above pictures were taken in front of the Consulate and the one below is a more general view. 
I have no idea how this happened.

When Mike and I pulled up in a taxi to the back entrance of the HTV compound for our government authorized tour of the former AFVN building and complex, we were met by the guard carrying an automatic weapon.  He opened the taxi door on Mike’s side and started shouting in Vietnamese.  We were stunned . It turns out that he was shouting at the taxi driver for trying to over charge us.  He resolved that issue and things calmed down.

Just a good picture of Harry.

A better view of the original Vietnamese TV Station building's roof.

In May 2016, Harry got some more of his video clips and photos
digitalized and posted on YouTube.   
(You may have to log into Facebook for each link.)
Here are some them.   All of them were taken in September 2015.

Slide Show
11 Photos

Being shown the location of the original AFVN tower. 
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A panaramic shot of the area behind the AFVN studio.
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Taken from across the street and southwest to the intersection.
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The New Vietnamese TV (HTV) Building.
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Don't tell anybody we got on to the roof.  This is the mess left behind.
(Possibly the Pitman Building?)
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The front of the Plaza Hotel from across the steet.
Harry thinks that now it is an economics-related school.
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Inside the AFVN Saigon TV Studio.
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An explanation about the Vietnamese Saigon's Station conversion to digital broadcasting.
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Individual Photo Albums & Stories

Harry Simons III  Sgt, USMC

Saigon / Da Nang  1967-69

This page is about Harry joining

                       and his trip to Vietnam in September 2015.

All of the attachments are in the slide show at the bottom of this page.