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[Submitted by Steve Pennington, August 2015]

    From:  Jim White

     Date:  September 25, 2014

Subject:  MACV-DAO

"Retreat" is played at the end of the work day at nearly all military installations.  "Nearly" because while it was played at MACV it was not (as I recall) played at the AFVN Saigon Station.
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My wife and I are often walking somewhere at 1700 on either Yokosuka Naval Base or Camp Zama.  We don't run, we stop and I salute, my wife puts her right hand over her heart.  If in a taxi, I get out, stand at attention and salute.  Those who try to duck inside at the last minute are not really in the military!
Taps is played at "all unauthorized lights out (i.e., hit the sack!)."  Enforced during basic but not much elsewhere.  Taps is also played at the end of a military funeral.
I have a childhood friend who was with the Air Force NORAD band but good enough to be loaned to the Army, the Navy and the Air Force bands as needed.  After he retired, he had his own "big band" house band in Las Vegas for many years.  He still plays Taps as asked at military funerals in my home town and the surrounding area.

    From:  Brian Williams

     Date:  September 25, 2014

Subject:  MACV-DAO

Was it "Retreat?" I'm not sure myself. I remember at Ft. Gordon everyone trying to duck under cover before Retreat was sounded as they took down the flag at the HQ building. One day entering the PIO office at that time of day with a Staff Sgt who was a photographer I lunged for the door but he stopped me and said we should salute and wait until it's over as it's the least we can do to honor our commitment. Did he make an impression? I still remember it.
Brian Wickham

    From:  Frank Rogers

     Date:  September 24, 2014

Subject:  MACV-DAO

Hi everyone
Does anyone know the name of the military bugle call they played at the end of every day at HQ MACV Saigon? Was it "Taps"? Somehow I don't think so as that signals "Lights out" I believe.

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