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Names (AFVN and Indiviiduals) - and Asking about People

May 2016

A good discussion about the change from "Armed" to "American" in AFVN as well as

a good example of how disparate things can end up under the same subject.

Navy Chief and Ranks

January 2021

Navy Dissolves Combat Camera Units

September 2018

Navy Lingo

August 2016

Navy Ratings
December 2016
The Fleet Speaks, the Admirals Listen

NBC Logos - Ring a Bell?

November 2020

New Book Alert - VADM Stockdale

July 2019

Book about Prisoners of War in North Vietnam

New York State Military Museum & Veterans Research Center

March - June 2015

Discussion about sending AFVN items, etc. to this museum.

News at AFVN (With Reference to AFVN)

February 2017

Newseum - Washington, DC

September 2018

Newscasters, Why do They All Talk the Same?

April 2016

Ngo Dinh Diem - Compelling New View of

The Man Could've Saved Vietnam but the U.S. OK'ed his Asssination.

November 2017

Nguyen Van Lem - Shooting (Execution of)

An Icnic Photo from the Vietnam War

June 2016

Nha Trang/Hon Tre versus Nha Trang/Cam Ranh

December 2013

Trying to resolve the confusion over what to call Detachment 4.

Night Landings

December 2015

The "joys" of night landings on an aircraft carrier.

Nixon and the Vietnam War / 100 Thousand

November 2017

(General) Norman Schwarzkopf and Dan Rather

March 2013

This conversation started out talking about Norman Schwarzkopf but quickly turned into a

discussion of Dan Rather as well.  There are also a couple of messages on  Joe Fried.

See the two of them in their 1993 Documentary on "Returning to Vietnam."  Click Here.

Officers on the Air and Closing Detachments
Facebook Discussion
February 2015

Old Age and a Bad Memory

(Looking for a Western Singer who was on AFVN)

February 2017

On This Day 50 Years Ago - October 31, 1966

Story of a heroic riverboat patrol.

[Received from John Kafka on October 31, 2016.]

Our Aging Air Fleet

August 2013

Many of our military aircraft are getting rather long in the tooth.

Our History

October 2013

A short discussion about everyone participating in AFVN@Yahoogroups.com

Our Voices

September 2012

Outside Interest in AFVN

February 2014

I have prepared this page primarily as a way to show everyone the kind of questions I sometimes have to field.

Hope that I am not making too many errors.  Jim White, Webmaster

Pansy Military of Today

August 2013

Parkinson's Disease

December 2019

​​Past Memories--Good and Bad
August 2012 & July 2015
​For some reason these items are from a series of messages titled "Old Radio Terms"

Pearl Harbor Lesson Not Learned

March 2013

Pensacola National Naval Aviation Museum

September 2012

Pham Chuyen - Double Agent?

November 2015

Photo, Copy Wanted - Everyone Ready to go to the Range

February 2016

Plans for a Competitor to AFVN
Radio SIN  (Saigon Independent Network)

February 2016

Playboy Magazine and Playmates

March 2017

Plaza BEQ / Curfew / Famous AFVNers

August/September 2018


October 2013

Pogie - Undeniable Signs You're a Super POG 

July 2017

Postal Service

June 2014


August 2014

Preserving Old Audio Tapes

August 2015

Some ideas for preserving old audio tapes.

President John F. Kennedy's Assassination

November 2013

Where were you and what were you doing on November 22, 1963?

Pre-Vietnam Refresher Training

September 2012

Project Jenny

Comments on a Vietnam magazine article on Project Jenny by Rick Fredericksen.

August & September 2015

Protocol of the Navy

Presenting the flag at military funerals.

April 2017

PSYOPS - How the Military Conduts

May 2019

PTSD and a Vietnamese Psychiatrist

June 2015

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

How PTSD became a problem far beyond the battlefield.

September 2015

Quadruplex Usage in Vietnam

September 2013

Were videotape machines available in Vietnam?

Question on Live Broadcasts

January 2015

Request for AFRS Radio Shows

September 2012

Remembering Det 5, Hue - February 6, 2014

Remembering Det 5, Hue - February 6, 2015

Remembering Det 5, Hue - February 6, 2016

Remembering Det 5, Hue - February 6, 2018

Remembering Det 5, Hue - February 6, 2020

Rembering the Hue Detachment - TET '68

February 2016

Request from a Magazine in Hanoi - Apollo 11

July 2019

Restoring this WWII B-29 Bomber has Taken 300K Hours So Far

February 2015

(The) Rex Hotel Today

January 2016

The Rex Hotel is where AFVN (AFRS) got it start in August 1962.

Robin Williams - Comedian and Actor

August 2014

Robin Williams, the star of the movie "Good Morning, Vietnam"

died of his own hand on August 11, 2014.  His death was not only a shock

to every American as well as many others throughout the world, it was a

even greater shock to those of us who had served with AFVN in Vietnam.

Roger Carroll's Only Hit

August 2014

Rubak, Dr. Jack

July 2014

With DINFOS from 1963 through 1996

Saigon and other Tales

December 2019

Rambling memories of Lyle David, including locals going to the toilet along the side of the road, JATO Takeoffs,

and steep landings.  it also includes comments by AFVN members about the veracity of David's story. 

Saigon Radio Station during TET '68 
January 2016

Saigon Rocketed in 1968

November 2013

Saluting and Uniform Changes

October 2013

Scams, Computers - Amazon and Others

January 2020

Security Clearances for AFVN Personnel

August 2018

Seeking Mike Turpin

May 2019

SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) Training

September 2012

Also some comments on using Skype and weapons qualification.

Single Side Band Radios

February 2015

Sleeping with the Enemy

Problems of the Handling of the Vietnam War​ and
Vietnamese Opinions following the Defeat of South Vietnam

April 2020

SNAFU, etc

July 2013

Various abbreviations useful when the situation isn't normal.

Soldiers' Graffiti
May & June 2014
Started with a newspaper article on graffitti found on an old troup ship. 

Space-A Flights

February 2015

Specialist Ranks in the Army

October and November 2014

Stars and Stripes Defunding

February 2020

Start in Broadcasting

April 2017
A number of AFVNers tell their stories of how they got into broadcasting.

More stories in "Broadcasting: Untold Chaos"by Rick Fredericksen

Steinbeck, John E. III "Dispatches from Vietnam"
January 2014
[Part of  this conversation is not all that intellectual, but, what the heck, we're military.]

Steinbeck's Sons - Thom and John IV 

​January 2021
Stories from their days with AFVN.

Stewart, James - Hollywood Actor and BGEN, USAF

February - March 2021

Visit to AFVN and Loss of Step-Son

Stolen Valor

May 2013 & July 2014

The problem of people posing as "heroic veterans."

Telling Others about AFVN and the VIetnam War

December 2018

Thailand's Participation in the Vietnam War

July 2017

Some people don't realize that Thailand participated with the US in the Vietnam War

Therapy Lama

January 2018

September 2012

Traffic Circles / Traffic Confusion

September 2012

Trip to Vietnam to Make a Documentary

September & October 2015

TV Programs Popular in Vietnam

May 2020

Twenty Harrowing Photos of the Vietnam War

--The Lack of a Welcome upon Returning Home--

April 2018