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C-Rations and Vietnam Meal, Combat

January 2020

Meals - Good and Bad

Canadians - Those who served in Vietnam with the U.S. Military

April 2018

Please see a related conversation on foreigners in the US Military.   Click Here.

Celebrities in Vietnam

May 2012 through October 2013

Starts with a reference to the car bombing of the Saigon Studios in early 1968. 

Celebrity Guests

May 2012 through October 2013

List of Bob Hope Shows in Vietnam - 1965 to 1972, etc.

Censorship - 50 Years Later

January 2020

Another discussion of the Censorship Fiasco in January 1970.

Censorship - Revisited (The Daily Appeal)

February 2017

What happened to the news articles in the Daily Appeal and

News Censorship over the Years

Censorship - Thoughts and Memories

April through October 2013

Help in researching for a book on the subject.

Charity Scans (Think before You GIve)

June 2019


April 2018

Popular Series of Short Programs used by AFVN 

Christmas 1967

December 2020 and January 2021

Includes References to a Number of other Topics

Chuck Connors Visits AFVN

June 2016

A copy of his DOD ID card and a photo of Chuck Connors with John Steinbeck.

CIB and Rank / Specialist vs Corporal

These two are together because of some overlap in content.

January 2021

Cigarette Lighters, Artifacts, Dog Tags, and Cu Chi Tunnels

December 2019

(Joe) Ciokon - Conversations Related to his Passing

March 2021

Civil Air Patrol

July 2016

Classical Evening Programs

September 2016

Classified Security

April 2015

Surrounded by spies and the lack of the above. 

Cleaning Up E-mail

August 2013

How full is your in-box? 

Closing Detachments and Officers on the Air

Facebook Discussion

February 2015 

Coast Guard

March 2015

"Combat," the TV Program and the AFVN Audience

November/December 2013 

"Commando Culture" Today 

Comments on America's heavy reliance on Special Forces, SEALs, etc.

February 2016

Computer Down (Somtimes We Just Get Silly)

July 2016

Computer Help

What can one do to speed up a slow computer?

April & August 2014

Conscripted into the Japanese Army

November 2018

Contacting Old Friends

December 2013

Contacts Received by the Webmaster

Starting from June 2014

Converting to Digital Images

July - December 2013

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

April 2020

Country and Western Disc Jockey

February 2019

Country Music, Demise of Local Radio & Burns' Documentary

September 2019

Country Music Programs on AFVN
September 2017

Covid-19 - Ken Kalish's Experience
May 2020

Cox, Garry - Welcome to AFVN

February to June 2018


October 2014 

(The) Cuban Crisis of October 1962

December 2015

What some of us were doing when the U.S. almost went to war.

Da Nang Detachment, Photos of

January 2016

Comparing old and new photos.

DA Special Photographic Office (DASPO)

November 2015

Database on Attacks on Tan Son Nhut and Saigon
September 2017


September 2012, October 2013 and September 2014

A discussion about the origins of the program and who all was involved.

Also see the discussion on "Good Morning, Vietnam." 

DC-3 at 75

March 2014

Some comments at the 75th Anniversary of the DC-3 Transport.

DD Form 214, Replacing a

(Armed Forces of the United States Report of Transfer or Dischage)
October 2016

Dehumaninizing the Enemy

October 2014

Detachment 5, Hue - Location During TET 68

March 2018

Discussion and maps used in trying to pinpoint location of Det 5, Hue in 1968.

Detachment 5 Van

January 2014

A discussion and photos related to it being both at Hue and then at Quang Tri. 

Dickie's Nose Job

February 2014

Proof that we care about each other. 

DINFOS Voice Audition Script

March 2013 

Documentary on AFVN, Planning for a

December 2016

Plans for a documentary on the Vietnam War and AFVN.

Dodge City (MAVC BEQ and Open Mess)

June 2016

Finally torn down in 2015 or 2016.

Dogs of War (Amimals and PTSD)

November 2014 

Doherty, Daniel C. "Dirty Dan"  MSgt, USMC  News Director (66)

August 2013

One of AFVN's legends. There are a few other comments under "Admin Sergeant / 1st Sergeant"

as well as in some of the Reminiscences and Stories on the History page. 

Donut Dollies / USO / MARS

November 2012 

Double Agent - Pham Chuyen

November 2015

Do You Have One of These in Your Car?

July 2016

Fuzzy Car Muffs, Dashboard Record Player, Foot Operated Radio Selection Switch, Foot Operated Dimmer Switch

[Received from Paul Kasper.]

Draft (The)

January 2019

Dragon Mountain (Det 3, Pleiku)

July 2017

Photos and stores related to Det 3.

[Taken from Facebook]

Driving in Saigon

June 2017

Drone Medal

February 2013

Eligilbility for the Vietnam Wall

November 2018

Enlightening the Public

Original Title "Shameless Self Promotion"

May 2018

Entertaining Vietnam

January 2013

A discussion about some of the lessor-known, free-lance entertainers in Vietnam.

It includes a link to a documentary video on "Entertaining Vietnam" by Mara Wallis. 

Faulty Ammunition Given to the Enemy

June & September 2019

Faulty Strategy Caused Medal of Honor

August 2013 

Finding the AFVN Saigon Compound in 2015

April 201

Five O'clock Follies

December 2013

[Originally posted on Facebook.] 

(The) Fleet Speaks and the Admirals Listen
​May 2016

Follow Me

July 2013

Meaning / Motto of the US Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, Ga

Forbidden Songs

February 2015

Both at AFVN and at other AFRTS Stations

Foreigners Serving with the US Military During the Vietnam War
Those of other nationalities who served in the US Military during the Vietnam War
[November 2018]

Please see a related conversation on Canadians in the US Military.   Click Here.

Fort Benjamin Harrison

October 2013

How our lives are intertwined. 

Gates (FM) Transmitter in Saigon

February 2013 

Getting Paid in Vietnam

July 2012

Comments on not remembering getting paid while in Vietnam

and the 10% savings system which was available at that time. 

Going Back to Vietnam - Peter Berlin

March 2012

Going to the Rifle Range

February 2016

Comments on a photo of everyone ready to go to the rifle range in 1972

Golfing in Saigon

by Henry BIllings

War was more than just "all war."

[Received from Mike McNally in March 2016.]

"Good Morning, Vietnam"

May to October 2013, September 2016 and August and December 2017 

Who was first?  Also see the Discussion on "Dawnbuster."

"Good Morning, Vietnam" - The Making of the Movie

October 2017

"Good Morning, Vietnam" Ringtone

November 2012 

Government Out of Control and Accents

July 2014