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Unknown Soldier - Edward Younger, the Man Who Chose the

May 2018

"Untold Chaos"

60+ AFVN Members listed in book by Rick Fredericksen

April 2017

"Up Country" by Nelson DeMille

October 2017

US Army Advisors in Vietnam

August 2013

Includes a link to a 34-minute YouTube video from 1963.

US Embassy During TET '68

January 2016

USAID and Other Restaurants

May 2014

Using TV Channels for Broadcasting Radio

February and June 2019

USS Pueblo 

​September 2013

Captured by North Korea in 1963

Veterans Administration - Claims and Experiences

June & July 2014 and November & December 2015

Also See: Agent Orange

Getting Treatment and Problems In Dealing with the VA.

Veterans Adminstration - Disability and Pensions

June 2017Information on VA Disability and Pensions and Attempts to Reduce Pensions for Elderly Retired

June 2017

Veterans and Small Businesses

Dick Ellis' Involvement in Establishing a Government System to Help Veterans

May 2017

Veteran's Day Sample Speech Written by Ken Kalish

Prepared at the request of some of the other members of the AFVN Yahoo Group

November 2016

Veterans Discounts

June 2014

Vietnam Air Raids

Notifying North Vietnam in Advance

December 2016

Vietnam Today
April 2014

(The) Vietnam War

September - October 2017

A discussion following the release of Ken Burn's documentary on the Vietnam War

Vietnam War Commemorative Partner

June - July 2015

A conversation about joining up with a DOD project commemorating the Vietnam War.

Vietnamese Local Hire Employees

November 2013 - January 2014

Go to AFVN Roster / Vietnamese Employee List to see who they were.

Visiting Vietnam

May 2018

Some suggestions when planning to go to Vietnam.

Volunteer Groups (Is this Legitimate?)

March 2014

We are One of Three Remaining
September 2020

Statistics on Vietnam Veterans

Weird English

August 2013

Samples of how English perhaps shouldn't be?

Welcoming a New Member - Garry Cox

February 2018

An example of the kind of welcome we try to give those new to the AFVN Yahoo Group.

Welcoming a New Member - Tom Herlacher

July 2015

Another example of the kind of welcome we try to give those new to the AFVN Yahoo Group.

West Texas, Texas Explosion and Marty Robbins' Song - "El Paso"

April 2013

What Really Happened in Vietnam

August 2014

When We Wore the Uniform

May 2015

Which Member of AFVN Served the Longest in Vietnam?
November 2017 and September 2018

Among AFVNers, who had the most time in Vietnam?

White Christmas - Fact or Fiction

February 2013, April 2014 and September 2014

Was the song, "White Christmas" actually used for the signal to evacuate Saigon?

With some discussion about the AM transmitters in Saigon and Da Nang.

Who Here Served FIRST with AFRS Anywhere?

May 2020

Limited to those who are living and on the AFVN Roster

Why do Newscasters All Talk the Same?

March 2016

Willie and Joe World War 2 Cartoons - Bill Mauldlin

June 2017

Women on US Currency

September 2015

John Workman Coming Home to AFVN

April 2016

Words Count - Even After 20 Years

July 2016

World War II Aircraft Carriers on the Great Lakes

April 2014

World War II - A Little History

Actions of Dictators During World War II

September 2019

World War II Memories and Army Uniforms (Shorts)

December 2015

A story by Forrest Brandt about his Memories from World War Two

which then evolved into a discussion of the Army uniform (shorts).

Writing for Ourselves 
August 2013
As well as for our children and our grandchildren.

You know it could have been THAT serious....

September 2013

A "close to disastrous" traffic accident.

"Zero Dark Thirty" or "Oh Dark Thirty"

January 13, 2013