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Ham Radio - 2017 Conversation

January 2017

Ham Radio - 2018 Conversation

October 2018

"Happy Birdie" and "A Sniper in a Pear Tree"

December 2012

A new take on "Happy Birthday" and Parody Lyrics to a couple Christmas Songs

"Hanoi Jane" Fonda
November & December 2013 and June & October 2014

Helping Others and Sometimes Savings their Neck

December 2012

And, once in a while saving their necks!

Hong Tap Tu 7 -- The House that "Wasn't There."

November 2015

The SOG/CIA Facility next door to AFVN.

How to S--- Up the Language -- Short and Sweet!

September 2012

Hue - Detachment 5 in 1971

February 2014

Sometimes overlooked, but the moving of Det 5 back to Hue in 1971.

Hynos Toothpaste 

May & June 2017

A little about a billboard many of us might seen while in Vietnam or on R&R.


June & July 2013

Sometimes also known as getting drunk.

iPAD Storage

June 2015

Suggestions for moving and saving files from an iPAD.

Janie Lewis - Weather Girl

September 2016

Japanese Cameras

March 2014

Jeep Markings and Restoration

May 2015

Bob Young bought an M151A2 jeep and wants to know how AFVN jeeps were marked.  

Photos of Bob's "new jeep" are towards the bottom of this page.

Jerry Lee Lewis

October 2014

JFK Assassination

Where some of were and what we were doing.

November 2013

Journalism Oath (Journalist's Creed)

January 2017

Journalists vs. Propagandists

August & September 2014

KCAT Radio and Phu Cat Air Base

April 2013

KLIK - 1st Inf. Div.

March 2013

"Last Days in Vietnam" by Rory Kennedy

September 2014

(The) Last Vietnam Draftee -- CW5 Ralph E. RIgby

November 2014

Liver Problem - New Worry for Vietnam Veterans

Liver Flukes can Cause Cancer

November 2017

Llama War Story
May 2015

Llamas, Therapy

January 2018

Local Radio Stations

September 2018

Lost Words of Our Youth

Remembering the slang and popular sayings of the past.

January 2016

Malware, Scammers and Phish

July 2017

Problems with unsolicited "business deals"

Making Movies and Some of the People We have Met

October 2012

[These messages are titled "Miramar Air Show 2012" but as with many of the AFVN messages that go back and forth--

the subject often doesn't seem to have much connection with reality (i.e.,  the contents.  Webmaster]

Marble Mountain
February and March, 2013
Memories and a book

Medal for Drone "Pilots"

February 2013 and September 2014

At one time the Pentagon was considering awarding Drove "Pilots"

(in paranthesis because they fly their drones from a safe base in the U.S.)

which would have outranked the Bronze Star for Valor. 

This created a great deal of controversy in the media as well as among the AFVN veterans. 

Memories and Hi-Jinks
September 2014

Memories Past

August 2012 & ​July 2015

(US) Military Might Let Its IT Warriors Skip Boot Camp

May 2017

Military Records Lost in 1973 St. Louis Fire--Replacing of

​August 2015

Misinformation - Fire in a German Church

An example of how bad things can get based upon wrong or bad information.

February 2017

Misleading Headline

August 2018

Mobile Riverine Force
May 2015
A short conversation about Navy medals.

More of Our Voices
Paul Kasper sent Ken Kalish a number of AFVN airchecks, etc. CDs.  Ken reviewed and commented 
on them which led to a great deal of discussion with the AFVN Yahoo Group.

Morley Safer - CBS Correspondent

May 2016

Did Morley Safer Ever Visit AFVN?

MPC (MIlitary Payment Certificates) Conversion

September 2014

MPs (Two) Killed Near Plaza BEQ

January 2018

[Received from Jim Anderson, DA Special Photographic Office (DASPO)]

My Latest Rescue

April 2015

Ken Kalish