1968 Car Bombing of  AFVN Saigon

July 2015 

A-Bombing of Hiroshima

August 2015

Acts of Kindness towards Veterans and Next of Kin

July 2015 

Admin Sergeant / 1st Sergeant

September 2012

With a few references to "Dirty Dan" Doherty 

AFRS/AFVN Radio Broadcasts - 1965 to 1973

April 2017

AFRTS History - Early Times, WW2, Korea, etc
May  and September 2020

(Our) AFVN's 18th Anniversary

January 2017

AFVN Archives

December 2015

What still remains of nearly 12 years of AFVN programing?

AFVN - Article on, Bombings, Surveys, etc.

April 2016

Taken from a Facebook discussion.

AFVN Billets  (Ky Son Annex BEQ, Etc.)

April 2013 - January 2014

Includes a map of the immediate downtown Saigon area as of 1971.

Also a little about security when traveling in South Vietnam.

(The) AFVN Email Group - How it Started

January 2015

AFVN Lovos and Polo Shirts

July & August 2015

AFVN Personnel Turnover in 1967-68

September 2012 

AFVN Saigon Entrance (During the Vietnam War and Today)
October & November 2015
Changes since AFVN closed in 1973. 

AFVN Saigon Main Station Address

May 2015

AFVN Signs Off Forty-three Years Ago Today!
March 2016

AFVN Sign-On and Sign-Off Music

February and May 2019

AFVN Snack Bar

April & May 2012

The only 24/7 Snack Bar in Saigon. 

AFVN Vehicles and Duty Driver

July 2014

AFVN Work Bus

April 2013

Memories of going back and forth to work. 

AFVN Yahoo Group - 14th Anniversary

January  25, 2014 

AFVN Yahoo Group - 16th Anniversary

January 26, 2015

Includes comments on how it all started.

Note that while this and the item just above are dated only a year apart, the AFVN Yahoo Group "aged" two years.

Evidently Bob Morecook's strong point is Psychology, not Math.  Webmaster. 

AFVN Yahoo Group - 17th Anniversary
January 26, 2016

AFVN Yahoo Group - 18h Anniversary

January 2017

Agent Orange

July 2014, November 2015, February/March 2016 and December 2018

Also see: Veterans Administration - Claims and Experiences

Presumptive Exposure to and Disability Claims 

Agent Orange - Blue Water Navy

July 2019

Agent Orange -- Feared by New Generations

A link to an Iowa Public Radio program about new fears of Agent Orange

[Received from Rick Fredericksen in May 2016.]

Agent Orange Registry

June 2017

Signing up with the VA for Agent Orange.

Air Fares

September 2012

Discussion about how to fly cheap. 

Air Raids on North Vietnam
December 2016

Discussion about did the US Government inform North Vietnam of where they would be boming them.

American Libraries in Saigon after 1973

February 2013 

Another "Good Morning Vietnam"

March 2019

Ao Dai, The Disapperance of the

May 2015

Are You Published?

July 2015

A discussion on how to get a book published. 

"Armed Forces Radio"

November 2013

A discussion as to the legality, etc., of the use of name "Armed Forces Radio." 

Army Enlisted Ranks

August 2012

Specialists versus NCOs, Blood Stripes, Busted for VD, etc.

Army is Trying (The)

January 2019

Army Mess Halls - No Longer Run by the Military 

June 2013

Also comments about command leadership problems at Camp Zama, Japan

and the Wounded Warrior Project. 

Army MOS's -- Broadcasters and Journalists
July 2017

Army Personnel Turnover - 1967--68

September 2012

Army Units in Vietnam

AFVN Dets 1, 2, 3 & 4; ​Nancy Smoyer's Memories​

April 2020

Army Wants a Harder-Hitting Pistol

July 2014

Attacks on Tan Son Nhut and Saigon Database

Also some comments about paying for the AFVNVETS.NET website.

October 2017

Attacks on American Soil During World War Two

March 219

Audie Murphy's Graves

June 2017

Audio Carts

January 2014 

(An) Audio Scrapbook

April 2018

Avoiding Controversy

Let's All Count to Ten

April 2020

AWOL to Vietnam - The Story of Perry Deane Young

Includes Comments on the Montagnard, Mung, and the Hmoung

January 2019

Bathtubs on Battleships, etc.

September 2014 

Beware and Be Aware of Charitable Organizations

September 2012 and July 2016

Be sure the organization you are donating to is doing things right.

BFBS - British Forces Broadcasting Services

September 2019

A very short conversation but it does introduce a fellow military broadcasting service.

Bob Hope in Vietnam in 1972
Group Discussion about what was really his last show at MACV in 1973.

Bombing of the AFVN Main Saigon Station on May 3, 1968

October 2015

Blast heard on tape.

Book about AFVN / Navy with AFVN / Attack on Det 3

Book by Marc Yablonka

April 2018

Boots - A Bad Experiment

Comments on Various Types of Boots During the Vietnam War

April 2019

Brian Williams (Former NBC News Anchor)

News articles and comments related to Brian Williams' lies about his "combat experience." 
February - March 2015 

Brink Hotel not "Brinks Hotel"

The Brink Hotel was named in honor of BGEN Francis G. Brink, the first Chief, MAG, Saigon

May 2017

Bugle Calls

September 2014 

Buying a Radio Station

October 2013 and September & October 2014 

A & B