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(Original messages titled "Shameless Self-Promotion")

May 2018

    From:  Dick Ellis

   Dated:  May 21, 2018

Subject:  Shameless Self Promotion

Don... When I returned from Vietnam I put my slides into a 20-Minute civic club presentation that I have given hundreds of times....I have even lost count.  I have even taught many high school classes over the years.  I have been asked “thousands” of times if I worked with Adrian....and my reply was always....”No, I worked with a great friend named Don Fox who was one of the Good Morning guys after him and did a great job for the troops also!”  For some reason the average spoon-fed American thinks Adrian was there for 10-years.  I am ordering a book right after I finish this email and I would like to have your address...(back Channel if you prefer)....so I can Send it to you for an autograph as payment for being your PR guy for 50-years now!!!!    


War hero and Saigon TV star

    From:  Don Fox

   Dated:  May 21, 2018

Subject:  Shameless Self Promotion

Fellow AFVNers:
My publisher has announced that Memorial Day (May 29, 2018) is the official publication date for my latest book, “Face to Face: Images from a Different War.”
The photo essay is an offshoot of my traveling photography exhibit of the same name. When not on the air doing the  “Good Morning Vietnam”show, I took to the wide boulevards of Saigon and the dusty, rustic streets of rural villages with my camera, capturing images of what I call “the humility and humanity of the war’s most vulnerable Vietnamese citizens—the very old and the very old—caught in the crosshairs of history. “Face to Face” is the result of my years-long effort to restore and reflect upon those images nearly a half century later.
“Face to Face: Images from a Different War” can be ordered in soft cover ($20) or as a hard bound coffee table edition ($35) from oldgoatpress.com or by mail at
Old Goat Press
P.O. Box 2035
Oneco, FL 34264

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The above are excellent examples of how to inform the public about AFVN and the Vietnam War.

Has anyone ever done anything similar?  If so, let us know.  If not, think about doing it!

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