From:  Ron Turner

     Sent:  October 11, 2014

Subject:  The Flying Tigers in Burma - 1942

When Ted Turner was married to Jane Fonda (truly a marriage made in heaven), they visited the southern end of their extensive ranch and dined in Elephant Butte, NM.  Elephant Butte is substantially populated by retirees.  Everyone dining on the "Turner/Fonda"  side of the restaurant picked up their food and drink and moved them to the other side leaving the Turners alone.  Every once in a while people spontaneously do the right thing. 



    From:  Jim Anderson

     Sent:  October 5, 2014

Subject:  The Flying Tigers in Burma - 1942

Jim sent out the following link to an article in LIfe Magazine March 30, 1942. 

The contents led from one thing to another....  Webmaster.

    From: Frank Rogers

     Sent:  October 6, 2014

Subject:  The Flying Tigers in Burma - 1942

Got it.  Good pix.  Note it was always "Jap" not Japanese.  Sometimes "Nips.'

I worked with a girl, Sansei, who went to interview Ted Turner and walked out when Ted said something like, "Looka here, Channel 5 has got them a little Jap."  She wasn't little.  Almost 6 feet.  Her father was a chicken sexer - if you know what that is.


[Frank didn't mention the today, rather quaint "jeep cars" versus "jeeps." JimW]

    From:  Steve Sevits

     Sent:  June 3, 2014

Subject:  Check out Veterans see red as Jane Fonda tapped to...

Not too long ago I read a biography about Fonda.  It pretty much convinced me that she has been mentally unbalanced for most of her life.  She’s always done self-destructive stuff.  I feel sorry for her because she exhibits an inability to clearly see and understand mainstream reality.  That doesn’t preclude me from being angry anyway.

It would be worse if she was clear headed but I seriously doubt she is.  Just because she is crazy that doesn’t preclude her from criminal acts.  The mental capacity of the person doesn't mitigate the quality of the act.

At age 76, in the foreseeable future she will be dead and irrelevant for the future.

    From:  Ray Profeta

     Sent:  June 3, 2014

Subject:  Check out Veterans see red as Jane Fonda tapped to...

Just saw this on AOL.....

Veterans see red as Jane Fonda tapped to speak to UCLA grads | Fox News


    From:  Jim White

     Sent:  December 13, 2013

Subject:  Jane Fonda

The attached article about Jane Fonda's stay in Hanoi in 1972 is from the Stars & Stripes for December 13th, 2013.


    From:  Ken Kalish

     Sent:  December 6, 2013

Subject:  Yomiuri Shimbu on Jan Fonda, et. al.

Jane wants to go back?  OK crew, time to organize a one-way-ticket fund.  I’ll break open my pink ceramic pig.  There have to be lots of quarters in there.


    From:  Jim Anderson

     Sent:  November 10, 2013

Subject:  Yomiuri Shimbu on Jan Fonda, et. al.

[Jim included a link  to a Yomiuri News (now Japan News) English language article on Jane Fonda.  Unfortunately, the paper gives access to archives items for only a month--even to primiem (paid) members of the site.  Webmaster]

    From:  Frank Rogers

     Sent:  November 9, 2013

Subject:  Hanoi Jane

I was working in Tokyo when Ted Turner married shame fondle.  Ted's son was working at the CNN Tokyo bureau across the alley from JCTV.  A phone call was arranged for the son to congratulate the couple.  That was strictly for on air.  Off air, was a totally different story.

Lots of news from the Tokyo bureau chief, now deceased John Lewis, about his job being to keep Ted sober in their jaunts....  He was to say, "Mr. Turner will have tea," when Ted was asked what he wanted or was offered to drink.


    From:  Jim Anderson

     Sent:  November 10, 2013

Subject:  Hanoi Jane's Fans

I received this from a friend in Bangkok.  I found it very interesting.

Jim A.

Sent: Friday, November 8, 2013 6:51 PM Subject: Re: Hanoi Jane's Fans

Coincidentally, yesterday I was interviewed by Kazuo Nagata (Bangkok Bureau Chief  of the Yomiuri Shimbun).  This was my second interview in two weeks with him.  He is writing an article on Hanoi Jane ( & Joan Baez & others who went to Hanoi).  He just got back from Hanoi, and while there, he interviewed with two people who met Hanoi Jane in Hanoi.  One was her interpreter.

One of the questions we both had at the time of the first interview was who was sponsoring her, and how were visas arranged.  While there in Hanoi, he asked Hanoi Jane's interpreter, and was told that the North Vietnamese contingent in Paris (ostensibly for the negotiations for what would be the Paris Peace Accord) would receive American dissidents' requests to visit North Viet Nam, and then vet those requests according to propaganda value to them (they called it 'educational value').  If the requesting party were not a celebrity in their own right, their request would be turned down by the Paris group.  If they were celebrities of some capacity, the Paris group would approve their visit and coordinate travel to North Viet Nam.  The visas were issued in Paris on a separate sheet of paper and attached to the passports.

Kazuo noted that recently the interpreter went to the States and visited Hanoi Jane.  She reportedly asked him if she was 'set up' for those photos taken on the anti-aircraft gun.  He said to Kazuo that he replied to Hanoi Jane that she was not set up, that it was spontaneous.  (Kazuo--and I--have our doubts on that one.)  The interpreter said that she expressed regret to him at that time of his visit to the US about that photo.  Kazuo said that she expressed no such regret to the interpreter for any other part of the visit, however.

Kazuo asked me (based on our first interview) if I still maintained my position that she was a 'traitor'.  I replied that I did, and related to him a conversation I had just 24 hours previous with an ex-military (US) friend, and an ex-Australian Navy friend.  I noted to Kazuo that Hanoi Jane came up in conversation, and, unsolicited, both friends stated they thought she was a traitorous bitch--and this was without my leading the conversation either way.

Depending on how Kazuo spins the story for the Yomiuri Shimbun, it could be an interesting article on how the North's propaganda machine manipulated, or tried to manipulate the foreign media.  But somehow I doubt this.  I asked him if it would also be published in English, and he said there was a good possibility, but no guarantees.  If it goes English, will try to get a copy.


    From:  Steve Sevits

     Sent:  November 9, 2013

Subject:  Hanoi Jane's Fans

RE: Hanoi Jane

Not too long ago I finished reading a biography of Hanoi Jane and it details a great deal of her early life including her two years at Vassar college in Poughkeepsie, NY long before she showed any political directions.

At Vassar her primary activity was as a sexual libertine, often sleeping with multiple partners in a single night.  Her main objective was to be “accepted.”  Later she married the first of several left wingers and the author says to become “accepted” in their circles she parroted their left wing ideology without understanding much or even caring anything about politics.

“Acceptance” rather than ideology of any kind has hallmarked her entire life.  Her famous exercise tapes were done to raise money for some left wing project of one of her husbands.

The conclusion I got was that she has always been a mindless twit who rather than be reviled should be given pity for her unthinking and mindless actions.  “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

From what I’ve read Hanoi Jane is not intellectually capable of understanding her actions or their consequences.  Her understanding of society is simply one dimensional.  She’s an actress and can convincingly regurgitate the lines she’s fed.  She’s a mindless follower and if I were to be called upon to defend her actions the logical thing would be to plead insanity or in the words of Gilbert and Sullivan “weakness of intellect.”

She did great harm but I’m convinced she never has [and] never had the intellectual capacity to understand her actions, nor would she bother to try to understand if they were explained to her--she just couldn’t be bothered.  Just because she had some fame she got a pass on her actions, the bio says the government was afraid to prosecute her for fear of losing the case.

The author was not kind to Hanoi Jane, but I feel sorry for her--the same sort of pity I would feel for a shelter dog who was screwed up as the result of abuse.  A shelter dog, at least, has some possibility of redemption with the proper environment--Hanoi Jane does not and never will.


Oct. 31, 2013: In this photo provided by the

Anti-Defamation League, U.S. Ambassador to United

Nations, Samantha Power, addresses the Annual

Meeting of the ADL in New York.

(AP/Anti-Defamation League, David Karp)

Actress Jane Fonda poses for a photo at the

United Nations Foundation Global Leadership Dinner,

Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013, in New York.

(AP Photo/Jason DeCrow) (AP2013)

    From:  Dick Ellis

     Date:  November 8, 2012

Subject:  Hanoi Jan's Fans

America's top UN diplomat has high praise for 'Hanoi Jane'

"Hanoi Jane" Fonda

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