I can't find it, but I think I saw a similar sign in Bangkok when on R&R in February 1971.   Later, when in Taiwan in 1971-74, there was a similar sign, this time in English saying "Blackman Toothpaste.  It was very close to the Hqs, Taiwan Defense Command.   The 3-star admiral took offense and it was taken down.

​Then in September 2009, I got the following picture from Engrishcom: 

I guess it works only when are down to a single tooth.   It will guard one tooth with all it's might--but if you two or more teeth (and I have 25 at age 82), you are out of luck.  Also, note the honest-to-goodness insect on the label.  Not surprising if you are Japanese or Chinese.   Colloquially, dental cavities are called "bug (or insect)-teeth."  I don't think any bugs of that size or look like that are actually in anyone's mouth but who knows for sure? 

Jim (who uses Colgate) W


AFVN Group Conversations

    From:  Rick Fredericksen

   Dated:  June1, 2017

Subject:  Black or White Toothpaste

I brushed with Darkie in Thailand in the 80s and 90s​

And, finally, this photo was taken in Cholon in August 2008 but I am not sure who sent it to me.  

The Chinese next to the lady is rather interesting.  The black characters at the top read (right to left)

"Please use polish named," while the red characters (Top right, down, then top left, down) read

"Black Man Ivory (as in elephant tusk) Polish (i.e., toothpaste)."  Jim White

    From:  Jim White

   Dated:  May 31, 2017

Subject:  Black or White Toothpaste

I don't know if this has been the same company over the years, but....  I first heard of Hynos Toothpaste when in Vietnam in 1970/71.  I am not sure, but a friend suggested that "hynos" meant "Darky."  Here is a photo I took in May 1971.

    From:  Ken Kalish

   Dated:  June1, 2017

Subject:  Black or White Toothpaste

We were told on the river that the word Hynos referred to the only black men Vietnamese had ever seen, African members of L’Etranger, the Foreign Legion.  The French told the locals that all the Africans were cannibals in order to maintain order, so the Vietnamese interpreted the ad slogan this way:  If you want a real cannibal smile, buy cannibal toothpaste. 
Ken Kalish

    From:  Brian Wickham

   Dated:  June1, 2017

Subject:  Black or White Toothpaste

Here’s the Hynos billboard at the Central Market (I think), circa Sep 1968.

    From:  Ron Turner

   Dated:  May 31, 2017

Subject:  Black or White Toothpaste

Jim:  "Darkie" toothpaste was widely distributed in Taiwan in (at least) the early 60's. I believe it was the only toothpaste sold legally (ignoring the blackmarket PX goods).

Regards, Ron

Here is a link to the story of Darkie (now Darlie) toothpaste over the years.

Click Here

​[Received from Jim Anderson in June 2017).

Most likely the same company, but perhaps they had caught up with the problems of black segregation so they changed the name. 

Then, just today (May 31st, 2017) I got this photo, again from Engrish.com


Hynos Toothpaste

June 2017