From:  DIckie Ellis

   Dated:  October 10, 2014

Subject:  Jerry Lee from "Garden and Gun"


If you are a Jerry Lee fan as I will appreciate this article in the Garden & Gun Magazine.  It is a great mag which is printed in Charleston, SC.  Listen to the songs and be sure to read the extra link that was written by the man who wrote his bio.  I saw Jerry Lee live at the baseball stadium in my little "tobacco" home town of Wilson, NC.  Must have been 56--57.  They had a stage set up for him on home plate facing the greandstand.  He played the piano with his feet and even jumped up on top of it.   The girls went crazy!!  One of a kind!  I played his records on my teenage radio show until the grooves wore out.  Remember Sun Records....with the bright yellow label?  You could spot them in a stack on your thumb.


[NB: This message is almost two years old and I am not sure which articles Dickie is referring too. 

Therefore, please see the following links:

Garden and Gun Magazine
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October 2014

    From:  Joe Ciokon

   Dated:  October 10, 2014

Subject:  New Online from "Garden and Gun"

"Great Balls of Fire"!!!!

    From:  Frank Rogers

   Dated:  October 10, 2014

Subject:  Jerry Lee from "Garden and Gun"

My favorite Jerry Lee story is when he found he was not to be the headlining last act of a show.  Jerry put on a wild show and on his last song he set the piano on fire--actually, not literally--walked off stage and said, "Follow that, killer."
 And yes I remember Sun records and that new guy with a weird name.  I asked aloud why the hillbilly didn't change his name.
Elvis Presley never did.

[NB: Click here to see a video of that incident.]

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