​​Tim Abney, July 8, 2017

Don't know that much about it.... AFVN was populated with a bunch of true REMFs.  We traded some VC Black Pajamas, Ho Chi Minh sandals, some NVA belt buckles and a couple of pointy hats.   We had tons o that stuff next door in the 3rd Brigade Museum so the trade cost us nothing.  There was a SGT Carney there who almost creamed his jeans he was so happy to get that stuff.  

Lon Carruth knew them best at Phouc Vinh.  I never even talked to them.

Additional comments taken from Facebook in July 2017

Thom Western, July 3, 2017

During Vietnam, several commands had their own command information radio stations, providing a fast way to communicate with the troops and, of course, an ego stroke for the commander.   "Radio Blackhorse" (11th Armored Cav) was at Quon Loi.  

( http://arftsarchive.blogspot.com )

​Tim Abney, July 3, 2017

There was a station at Phouc Vinh. I gave them our mixer when we got a Gates Board in a trade with AFVN.  You'll never guess what we gave them for it.   

Jim White, July 3, 2017

There are links on this page (above) to WARC (Blackhorse) and to WLTB (1st Brigade, 5th Mech Inf Div).  Where there others?   If so, let me know via the website.  

​​Bob Morecook, July 9, 2017

I knew about KLIK but not about the others!  Thanks!

​​Tim Abney, July 12, 2017

I've heard from guys that were on Nui Ba Dinh that they liked KLIK way more than AFVN.   They were 125 miles from Lai Khe (or so they tell me) and our FM, installed in May of1968 boomed in just fine.  Elevation gave our 125 Watts a nice reception committee up there.  The Robinhood chopper pilots used it to home in on their pad, right next door to us.  They told me they could hear it anywhere in their AO.  I guess it was a good idea. 

Paige L. Pinkett, II, July 3, 2017

We had KLIK for the Big ed One in Lai Khe.

Jim White, July 4, 2017

I would guess a "box of steaks" but am not sure.  Also, tell me more about Phouc Vinh (Unit, etc) if you can. 

Tim Abney, July 3, 2017

Radio Blackhorse got the KLIK equipment when the Big Red One rotated home.  Nice head start, eh?

    From:  Tim Abney

     Date:  March 4, 2013

Subject:  KLIK Radio Vietnam

Knew him well.  He had the 3-6 PM shift right before my 6-9.  Saw him everyday for a while.  He rotated back home and re-upped to come back to KLIK..

He got back shortly after I left. You might say he was there before me and my replacement.

I emailed his son.

    From:  Ann Kelsey

     Date:  March 4, 2013

Subject:  KLIK Radio Vietnam

Hi David,

Detailed instructions for replacing awards and decorations are at:


Working with a veterans's service officer through a local VVA, American Legion, or VFW chapter, as Forrest suggested, can help in cutting through some of the bureaucratic red tape and slow turnaround time associated with these kinds of requests.


Ann Kelsey

Army Libraries, Vietnam, 69-70

    From:  Forrest Brandt

     Date:  March 4, 2013

Subject:  KLIK Radio Vietnam

Did you know his dad?   Sounds like his son would enjoy hearing from you.

    From:  Tim Abney

     Date:  March 4, 2013

Subject:  KLIK Radio Vietnam

Hey Forrest,

How about giving me this guy's email address.

I have some info on a medla his father was awarded because he's on the [same] orders as I am.


    From:  Forrest Brandt

     Date:  March 4, 2013

Subject:  KLIK Radio Vietnam

Tim,  I thought I included his address in the return, but here goes:

"Klepeis, David S." <David.Klepeis@uscp.gov>S

    From:  Jack Holsomback

     Date:  March 3, 2013

Subject:  KLIK Radio Vietnam

Sgt Grit dot com has a page where you have a list of all ribbons and badges of the U.S. military.  You check the ribbons you rated and mark them if for valor.  The program will put them together in precedent and you have a lovely set of your decorations completed and ready for you.  You then call a number and they will take your served [service?] art, and put them together for you. Mine cost $100.00.  I am settling for the picture for now.


[This appears to be a "Marine Corps items only" site.  Webmaster.]

    From:  Forrest Brandt

     Date:  March 3, 2013

Subject:  KLIK Radio Vietnam

Hi, David, I don't know what your deadline is, but here's the info you are probably seeking: Big Red One refers to the 1st Infantry Division.  Every member of the division wore this patch on his left sleeve -

The division did not go to a subdued patch - olive drab and black- which is what I assume you're referring to when you say "Vietnam patch."

The division continued to wear the full color patch until some time in the 90s. Anyone who served with the division in the combat zone earned the right to wear the patch on his right sleeve at his next assignment and for the rest of his career.  This is known as a combat patch.  There was a cottage industry in Lai Khe (and near any other base camp in Vietnam) that would do needle work for GI's, name tags, unit patches, combat infantryman's badge - some people evidently had a patch made for KLIK though I can't remember seeing one worn during the time I was with the division - November of 68 to August of 69.   Some of the combat units in the division also wore subdued regimental crests on the left pocket of their jungle fatigues.  You'd have to know which regiment - all of the regiments in the first division had crests in metal and painted with enamel that were worn with class A & class B uniforms.

Your father would have earned the Vietnam Campaign Medal,  The Vietnam Service Medal and the National Defense Service Medal. He would have also earned the Vietnamese Gallantry Cross, given to all members of the division by the Republic of South Vietnam who served while the division was de3ployed to RVN.  Depending upon his time of service he could have also received the Vietnamese Civil Action Award.  He would now also qualify for the Cold War Medal.

If  you are looking for a shadow box I can recommend Medals of America.  You can order on line or by phone http://www.medalsofamerica.com/?src=SPECIFIC&gclid=CM7W6pLU4LUCFfBDMgodpBIAmw. They can put together his ribbon or medal rack, obtain unit crests and the Big Red One patch and they'll get all the awards in the correct order of precedence.

To obtain his medals I would contact a veteran's service group near you, Vietnam Veterans of America, VFW, or American Legion.  They have people in their national office who work on these issues full time and know how to get through the red tape.  You might also e-mail the G-1, Division - oh hell I'll look it up for you, hold on a sec... http://www.riley.army.mil/ContactUs.aspx and tell him what you've told me.  Your father might have received other awards for his service in Vietnam but which did not clear the G-1's office in time for him to receive them in Vietnam or for them to appear on his DD-214.

I will forward your e-mail to guys I know from the division and KLIK who may be able to add more information.  If all else fails, get in touch with your congress person.  Nothing moves army bureaucracy like a congressional rocket.  Finally, do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further help.  Give your dad a 'welcome home' from me and thank you for your service as a first responder.


Forrest Brandt

LTC U.S.A.R. (ret)

    From:  David S Klepeis

     Date:  Mar 3, 2013

Subject:  KLIK Radio Vietnam

Good morning Sir,

I was doing some research on my father Ken Klepeis whom served in Lai Khe Vietnam.  I am trying to find out some information on his tour there.  It is his birthday soon and I wanted to replace his ribbons and medals in a shadow box as well as any patches that were worn.  I noticed on one website everyone who worked for KLIK 1330 they received a patch.  I also noticed some of the uniforms worn in the pictures have  the “The Big Red One” on it.  I was not sure if the Vietnam Patch was worn.   I have tried obtaining information from the Army but I have not received much help.  I have a copy of his DD-214 and it lists four medals.  One of which I am curious as to how he got it, US Army Commendation Medal.  I have tried talking to him about his time in Vietnam but he doesn’t like to talk about it.

He still lives in NJ and is enjoying retirement.

It would be greatly appreciated if you have any information.

I thank you very much for your assistance as well as your service to our country.

Officer David S. Klepeis

US Capitol Police

First Responder Unit II

KLIK - The "Big Red One"

January 2013 & July 2017

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